Why you should use diesel anti-gel

Any diesel owner knows that winter weather can lead to a temperamental vehicle and you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a diesel engine that won’t start on a cold morning. One of the most likely causes of the problem is your fuel gelling. Once temperatures drop below freezing (32ºF), wax - which occurs naturally in untreated no. 2 diesel fuel - begins to crystallize and then collects on the fuel filter.

Untreated gelled diesel fuel - anti-gel

The Cold FIlter Plugging Point (CFPP) has been reached when the wax crystals have formed and block the fuel from flowing through the fuel filter.

Symptoms of Diesel Fuel Gelling

  • Trouble Starting the Engine

As gelling clogs up the fuel lines and fuel filter, diesel is prevented or restricted from passing through them which can prevent your engine from starting on a cold winter morning.

  • Lack of Power

You may notice a lack of acceleration or generally sluggish performance from your vehicle in colder weather. This is because there’s a difference between actual fuel rail pressure and the desired fuel rail pressure caused by gelling stopping the fuel getting to where it should be.

Gelling can leave the engine in a state where it is unable to operate and this can lead to fuel lines and the engine being damaged with costly repairs required to fix the problem.


The good news is there is a very simple way to prevent fuel gelling, avoid loss of power and winter-proof your diesel fuel system - anti-gel fuel treatments.

Archoil’s AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment should be added to fuel when temperatures are expected to drop below freezing as the anti-gel properties of the formulation lower the CFPP of diesel to -44ºF.

Diesel fuel treated with AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment - Anti-Gel

AR6300 prevents the fuel filter from becoming clogged and helps to ensure that your fuel system keeps working correctly through the colder months.

Studies have also shown that cold weather has a significant impact on fuel economy. AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment is a premium, all-in-one treatment which increases MPG, enhances fuel lubricity and cleans the fuel system.

AR6300 boosts cetane, raises lubricity of fuel to above the standard recommended by the Engine Manufacturers’ Association and uses detergents to remove carbon from key fuel system components including the injectors, turbo and DPF.

One bottle of AR6300 treats up to 275 gallons of diesel fuel. Click here to learn more

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

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