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AR4400 Firearms Oil

Lubricates and Protects Against Wear and Corrosion

AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has been selected for its ability to bond immediately with metal alloys, filling in asperities to create a hard, dry, friction-reducing solid boundary lubricating film.


  • Lubricates and protects against wear with nano WS2
  • Lasting corrosion protection
  • Repels carbon, lead and copper deposits
  • Prevents galling and jamming

How it Works

Protects against wear by creating a resilient low friction surface composition

AR4400 LP firearms oil lubricates and protects against wear and corrosion. AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has an extremely low coefficient of friction (.03 dynamic and .07 static) and boasts a load carrying ability of 300,000+ psi effective from -450°F to over 1200°F.

Repels deposits

AR4400 repels carbon copper and lead deposits due to WS2's extremely low coefficient of friction, keeping your firearm cleaner for longer and allowing for fast easy and significantly less frequent cleaning.

Prevents galling and jamming

AR4400 will combat galling and jamming due to the reduction in deposit formation as well as the reduction in friction. Users have also reported faster and smoother action.

Lasting corrosion protection

AR4400 will repel moisture and combat corrosion in the most extreme environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Have not had time to use it yet


Excellent product.


The stuff works great and I use it in all weather on my firearms. This is my 3rd order and I use the grease as well. I have also used it to lubricate hinges and it works too well! Lol

The best I've used

Being a two tour Vietnam vet, assigned to SOG, and retired law enforcement officer/departmental armorer, I've been around guns for most of my adult life. During this time I think I've tried everything from very high priced "snake oil" to motor oil. Any difference or improvement was nominal. As long as I kept the gun saturated with it motor oil worked about as well as anything. Then I tried Archoil 4400 and did notice a notable improvement. Slides moved more free, actions and triggers were sharper, and cleanup was easier due to less of the product being needed. It took awhile to convince me of what I was experiencing but I'm now sure that Archoil has a LONG, very LONG term customer for their 4400 and 4200 oils! The only thing that keeps me from giving them 5 stars is their 2 ounce containers. Why not 4 or 8 ounce? I realize a little goes a long way, but hey, c'mon on!

Good stuff

I use this for everything around the house including an old sewing machine. Great for gun ,and knife hinges.