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AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Rapidly Cleans Injectors, DPF, Turbo & Fuel System

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Archoil AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner utilizes the latest and most powerful fluid technology to deliver a cleaning service to the key fuel system components - injectors, DPFs, turbos and EGRs.

Experience restored performance, improved fuel economy and smoother idling as a result of cleaning the fuel system with AR6400-D.

AR6400-D does not cure Power Stroke HEUI injector problems (stiction). Please use AR9100 Friction Modifier instead.

Cleans Injectors

  • AR6400-D rapidly removes internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and carbon build-up from injector tips in all diesel applications
  • AR6400-D ensures correct injector spray patterns, resulting in a more complete combustion and lower emissions for optimized performance
  • Cleaning carried out by using AR6400-D results in more power and efficiency and less frequent regens

Removes Turbo Deposits

  • AR6400-D removes carbon build-up from the turbo. Carbon build-up negatively affects turbo performance and life
  • Carbon and soot deposits restrict movement of the turbine and variable vanes inside the turbo, resulting in turbo lag and less boost
  • AR6400-D prevents the accumulation of carbon to reduce excess heat and wear and avoid premature failure of the turbo

Reduces DPF Deposits

  • AR6400-D improves combustion which reduces carbon, soot and particulate exhaust emissions
  • AR6400-D cleans soot and carbon deposits from the DPF
  • Reduction in carbon and soot build-up will reduce regenerations, prevent performance loss and potential engine damage from clogged DPFs

AR6400-D Product Video

Watch the video to learn more about AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner


One 12 oz bottle of AR6400-D treats 40 gallons of diesel fuel.

Add AR6400-D to the fuel tank at the required dosage and then add fuel. Use every 5,000 miles or as required.

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

MSRP: $24.95

Sale: $22.95

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AR6400 Frequently Asked Questions

How much diesel does one 12 oz AR6400-D bottle treat?

AR6400-D is formulated to treat up to 40 gallons of diesel with maximum results. AR6400-D is less effective when added to more than 40 gallons.

What's the difference between AR6400-D and AR6500?

A small amount of AR6500 Diesel Treatment is added to every tank of fuel to boost performance, ensure diesel quality and protect the fuel system from wear, deposit formation and corrosion. AR6400-D is designed to be added in large doses to remove existing deposits from your fuel system and engine. We recommend using AR6500 at every fill-up and using AR6400-D every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.

I am currently using AR6500 and my vehicle is running fine. Will there be any benefit to using AR6400-D?

Removing deposits which have built up over time from diesel engines will restore power and fuel economy which has been degraded by deposit formation. Using a fuel system and engine cleaner regularly will maintain optimum fuel economy and power. AR6500 Diesel Treatment is a maintenance product and will help keep your fuel system clean in between treatments. In order to remove heavy deposits the higher concentration of detergent offered by AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is necessary.

Can I use AR6400-D at the same time as AR6500?

Yes, you can use AR6400-D at the same time as AR6500

Can AR6400-D be used in my vehicle?

AR6400-D is suitable for all diesel vehicles, including newer systems such as High Pressure Common Rail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 228 reviews
Jeff w.a.J. (Reno, NV, US)
Doing the job

Bought this on a special and as far as I can tell it is doing the task set for it. Good price was the motivation.

scott h. (Tempe, AZ, US)
Great product

F450 would regin a few times every trip from AZ to Glamis CA. With one bottle to 40 gallons No regin there and back. I really feel it has helped clean out my dpf filter.

Bob (Spokane, WA, US)
Works like promised

Only diesel additive I use. Noticed the truck ran quieter with the fuel system cleaner.
Will continue to use Archoil products!

Kenneth M. (Madera, CA, US)
Archoil 64 d

Excellent additive for fuel, it solved my EGR clogging with soot, and engine runs better

Richard G. (Fernandina Beach, FL, US)
Magic in a bottle

Not sure how you managed to put magic in a bottle, but this worked wonders for me. My 2007.5 Silverado 2500HD (Duramax LMM) with 180K+ miles was going into regen every 200 miles or so and thus oil changes were DIC suggested at about 2000 miles. Based on reviews I bought a bottle of AR6400-D during a recent sale ; no harm in trying, right? Used the recommended dosage and the soot level immediately started decreasing (I monitor many parameters using and Edge CTS2). Went through a regen during this treatment and saw the soot level go to 0 and stay there for quite a while. Regens are now up to 350-400 miles and oil change recommendation at almost double the previous interval. Cannot give hard data, but my turbo seems to spool quicker now. And like others, my fuel economy has increased measurably. My injector balance numbers were very good before using this and of course remain so. I will be using this at every oil change.