AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

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AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner rapidly cleans injectors, turbos and DPFs to remove heavy carbon build-up which negatively affects the performance and life of your fuel system. This highly concentrated one-tank treatment restores power, performance and fuel economy.

  • Rapidly cleans injector tips and IDIDs
  • Removes carbon and restores turbo function
  • Eliminates DPF build-ups and reduces regens
  • Restores power and performance
  • Improves combustion to reduce carbon, soot and particulate exhaust emissions

Injectors suffer performance loss due to nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs). This affects injector spray patterns and leads to inefficient combustion of fuel, resulting in a loss of performance and excessive carbon build-up in the fuel system.

AR6400-D removes heavy deposits from injectors to ensure a correct spray pattern and restore performance.

Carbon build-up on the turbo will restrict movement of the turbine and result in your engine not operating in the way it was designed to. This can cause your engine to over boost or under boost, negatively affecting power and raising the possibility of overheating and engine damage.

AR6400-D clears the turbine and variable vanes of soot and carbon to ensure the turbo operates efficiently.

Deposits in the diesel particulate filter (DPF) restrict exhaust flow, creating an excess of backpressure and causing your engine to coke on excess exhaust. Carbon build-up in the DPF also causes more frequent regens.

Use of AR6400-D removes heavy deposits from the DPF and extends the time between regens.

One 12 oz bottle of AR6400-D treats 40 gallons of diesel fuel.

Add AR6400-D to the fuel tank at the required dosage and then add fuel. Treat 40 gallons for a complete clean. Use every 5,000 miles or as required.

We are so confident that AR6400-D will benefit your vehicle that we offer a Money Back Guarantee on any single bottle order.


Clean Diesel Injectors

Injector nozzle deposits (coking) and internal diesel injector deposits (IDIDs) reduce the quality of the spray pattern by reducing the effective flow rate of the nozzle and the atomization of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Reduced atomization creates an incomplete or late combustion, creating more deposits and unburnt fuel to leave through the exhaust instead of being converted into maximum power and torque.

AR6400-D rapidly removes IDIDs and carbon build-up from injector tips to:

• Restore performance and correct spray pattern

• Ensure a more complete combustion and reduce further carbon build-up

• Lower emissions

Prevent Turbo Failure

As deposits form on the exhaust side of your turbo it will start to restrict movement of the turbine and on variable-geometry turbos (VGT) it will restrict and eventually seize the movement of the variable vanes.

These deposits will completely change how your engine was designed to operate, causing your engine to over boost or under boost which could cause lack of power and adds the possibility of overheating and engine damage.

AR6400-D clears the turbo of soot and carbon, reducing turbo lag and restoring boost. This reduces excess heat and wear, helping to avoid premature failure of the turbo.

Improve DPF Performance

Carbon deposits in the DPF create a backpressure, causing performance to suffer as exhaust flow is restricted.

This stops the engine working as intended and results in reduced fuel efficiency, a lack of power and in more serious cases, engine failure. DPFs with excessive build-up will also need to regen more frequently.

AR6400-D clears heavy carbon deposits from the DPF which will:

• Reduce regen frequency

• Restore performance

• Avoid engine damage by preventing a clogged DPF

Use AR6500 Diesel Treatment at every fill-up between AR6400-D applications to sustain a more complete combustion and reduce future carbon and soot build-up.



Maximize results and save up to 22%

AR6400-D FAQs

AR6400-D is a highly concentrated detergent package which should be used for a rapid, deep clean of the fuel system every 5,000 miles.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment boosts cetane, improves lubricity of fuel and contains a maintenance dose of detergents to maximize fuel system performance at every fill-up.

AR6400-D is suitable for all diesel vehicles, including newer systems such as High Pressure Common Rail.

Customer Reviews

Based on 254 reviews
ALEX R. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
More power More miles per gallon

Got more mpg and quicker acceleration

Jeff R. (Broken Arrow, OK, US)
Great product!!!

I and my truck love this stuff!! Best diesel product I’ve used.

Joe O. (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Good stuff

The appears to have done a pretty good job of cleaning out my DPF on my 2010 GMC duramax. It took 3 bottles of the AR6400-D to get to where I am but it does look like it is working.

Roland G. (Dahlonega, GA, US)

Excellant product

Jason M. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Great product

Used once so far, the truck on the freeway cruise control on @65 I gained 3-4 more miles per gallon.
Great product!

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