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The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke

Eliminate Ford Power Stroke 6.0L & 7.3L Injector Problems

The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke

AR9100 Friction Modifier solves misfire and cold start issues in 6.0L & 7.3L Power Strokes

100% Money Back Guarantee

If AR9100 does not resolve stiction issues after 100 miles

The Problem

Deposits and wear in the HEUI injector causes the injector to become stuck due to static friction, or 'stiction', and can prevent the injector from firing. This causes 6.0 & 7.3L Power Strokes to suffer from hard starting, rough idling, reduced power and response, bucking and smoking until the engine is warmed up.

The Solution

Add a 16oz bottle of AR9100 to every oil change to eliminate hard start and drivability issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0l & 7.3l PowerStrokes. AR9100 will clean out HEUI injector deposits and creates a friction reducing film inside the injectors to ensure all eight injectors fire every time.

How it Works

HEUI injectors use oil pressure to raise fuel pressure inside the injector. A High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) feeds oil from the crankcase to the injector where a 'Spool valve' ('poppet valve' for 7.3l) opens allowing hydraulic pressure to raise fuel pressure and fire the injector. Engine oil is exposed to very high temperatures and pressures in the Spool valve and degrades, forming deposits. These deposits cause excessive wear. Deposits and wear create static friction inside the injector, or 'Stiction', which can prevent the injector from firing.

A blend of esters combined with our additive package remove and disperse deposits while AR9100 forms a friction reducing solid boundary lubricating film on the bore of the 'spool valve'. By removing deposits and reducing friction, AR9100 eliminates stiction issues and ensures they do not return.

Diesel Power Archoil Article

"The next morning, following a 15-degree night during which the truck once again sat outside, it fired right off and idled smoothly. Seeing this F-350 go from a cold-blooded, rough-running basket case to a truck that ran as smooth as it did the day it left the dealership definitely made believers out of us.

"Archoil is the Real Deal"

Diesel Power Magazine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

I have used Archoil for several years in my 6.0L Powerstroke. Archoil does a great job of keeping the engine running nice and smooth.

Really Works

Started using 3 years ago on 2003 6.0L when it started running rough. No problems since!

An engine additive that works!

I started to use the Archoil stuff about 2 years ago, as my 7.3L was running a bit rough and making a "humping noise", especially at idle. Since then all that is gone and the engine performs as when I bought it new. My mileage runs about 20 on the highway, 18 on mixed driving and 11 towing an 8000 lbs trailer. My 7.3 now has 260K miles too. I also use the fuel additive on it and my 1997 Mustang that has a leaking injector causing it to become hard starting as the start fuel pressure dives fast. The 6200 has helped that although not solved it... I guess I need to find and replace the culprit

Archoil on a 7.3

I have problems starting this 7.3 on my F 250, I went ahead and ordered the Archoil and put it in, still have the same problem Although no us bad it seems to run smoother and Quieter


I thoroughly love your product. Although it didnt "cure" my injector stiction in my 06 6.0l powerstroke, it did help greatly and I now only have minor stiction, to the point where I can now drive it for a good while untill I can save up for a new set of injectors. Engine noise is much quieter and runs much smoother. Will continue to use this product with every oil change.