Join the Archoil Affiliate Programme

Welcome to Archoil!

Archoil is excited to offer a unique opportunity to partner with us and help drive the success of Archoil and fuel your growth as a content creator.

Why Partner with Archoil?

  1. Real commission and transparent reporting. Earn 10% of all net sales attributed to your referrals.
  2. Free products. You will also need the products to feature in your content plus the knowledge and experience provided to you by using them. It’s much easier to create persuasive content if you have been persuaded yourself.
  3. Products you can stand behind. Archoil has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.7. Rest assured, you are providing your audience with the best solution available for restoring and improving diesel performance.
  4. The potential to get your content sponsored across our marketing channels and turn your Archoil commission into meaningful income.

How It Works

  1. Register your interest with us
  2. Receive free products to use, review and feature in content
  3. Create engaging content sharing your experience with Archoil on your channel
  4. Earn commission! Your own personalized discount code will allow your audience to save on while you make commission on all sales attributed to you
  5. If you create particularly persuasive content we will pay to sponsor it - greatly expanding your reach and commission

Unlimited Earning Potential

If your content stands out, we’ll sponsor it in our advertising campaigns, increasing reach by hundreds of thousands. Your discount code stays in the ad, driving more sales and commission your way! The better your content performs, the more we promote it, the more you can earn. Along the way we will create comprehensive reports of how your content is performing, providing you with valuable insights that will allow you to further hone your skills as a content creator. We will settle your commission on a quarterly basis.

Dedicated Support

Get a dedicated point of contact within Archoil who will provide you with regular performance reports and will help you increase your knowledge of the products to allow you to create more effective affiliate content. Access to additional products and resources are available through your point of contact.