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AR4400 Firearms Oil

Lubricates and Protects Against Wear and Corrosion

AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has been selected for its ability to bond immediately with metal alloys, filling in asperities to create a hard, dry, friction-reducing solid boundary lubricating film.


  • Lubricates and protects against wear with nano WS2
  • Lasting corrosion protection
  • Repels carbon, lead and copper deposits
  • Prevents galling and jamming

How it Works

Protects against wear by creating a resilient low friction surface composition

AR4400 LP firearms oil lubricates and protects against wear and corrosion. AR4400 LP is formulated with nano tungsten disulfide (WS2) which has an extremely low coefficient of friction (.03 dynamic and .07 static) and boasts a load carrying ability of 300,000+ psi effective from -450°F to over 1200°F.

Repels deposits

AR4400 repels carbon copper and lead deposits due to WS2's extremely low coefficient of friction, keeping your firearm cleaner for longer and allowing for fast easy and significantly less frequent cleaning.

Prevents galling and jamming

AR4400 will combat galling and jamming due to the reduction in deposit formation as well as the reduction in friction. Users have also reported faster and smoother action.

Lasting corrosion protection

AR4400 will repel moisture and combat corrosion in the most extreme environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
High Tech Gun Lube/ Weak Delivery System

I purchased your firearms 4400 oil for the chemical makeup and technology you've put into your product, great product, and I wasn't disappointed in your gun oil. The Bottle and nozzle tip however, leaves much to be desired for accurate placement of such a refined product, messy... I'd have expected a needle tip with cap... very least a thin plastic tube.

Great product for a good price

Actually am using this in an automotive application and was a much better deal than the Porsche recommended lubricant

Great product.

Best gun oil i have used, cleans up well also,

It actually does what it says

Have an old Browning HP that would jam about every magazine. This and a bit of their 8300 grease on the extractor makes it work just fine. Also, the oil makes cleaning a Ti-Gold Desert Eagle a lot easier.


I am a former Law Enforcement Officer and have used just about every brand of gun oil out there. Archoil AR4400 is hands down the absolute best weapons lubricant I've ever used. I also use there grease on by BCG on my AR-15. My weapons show minimal wear when I've applied Archoil products and I've never had any malfunctions using their products.