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Archoil Grease

AR8100 Heavy Duty Grease

Archoil's high performance AR8100 Heavy Duty Grease is designed to provide outstanding wear reduction, extreme pressure protection and corrosion protection across many applications and under extreme operating conditions.


  • Forms protective, friction-reducing film
  • Extreme pressure/anti-wear protection
  • Long lasting corrosion protection
  • Extremely low water washout rate (0.50%)
  • Long lasting for extended greasing intervals
  • High dropping point (>550F)
  • Low freezing point (-105F)
  • NLGI Grade 2


AR8100 Heavy Duty Synthetic Grease is a high performance extreme pressure (EP) grease developed with a biodegradable non-toxic PAO base stock and using fumed silica as a thickener.

Applications include 'O' rings, gaskets, bearings, bushings, gears, valves, universal joints, electric motor bearings, fifth wheels, wheel bearings, pump bearings, heavy equipment, commercial fleet, railroad, racing, industrial gearboxes, marine, wire rope, threads, etc. Perfect for heavy duty chassis lubrication.

AR8100 is designed for extreme pressure and extreme temperature applications and is formulated to provide anti wear, extreme pressure and corrosion protection in trucks, automobiles, heavy equipment, locomotives, marine environments and other extreme environments.

"I'm speechless!"

"I can't believe how smooth this wheel spins now. The only noise you're hearing is my brake disks. There's no bearing noise, it's just completely smooth. Wow!

"Hats off to Archoil."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Robert W. (Miami, FL, US)

Because of an injury I have not been able to use the product as of yet . Check back in a few months 😀

Jan P.M. (Oslo, 03, NO)
Simply the best!

russ c. (Oconto, WI, US)
Best grease in the world

I have been using this grease for some time now and it is the best . It is my go to grease for everything. It makes my bearings last way longer that anything else. I started using it in my boat trailer and it is amazing how little I have to grease the bearings now unlike before with other greases .

Scott W. (Santa Barbara, CA, US)
None automotive use

Work in older building. The elevator cables need consistent lubrication. So far with a month of use the archoil grease appears to be superior to auto oil.

I personally use it and other Arch Oil Products on my daily driver 1966 Fords.

Shon D. (Centerton, AR, US)

I used this grease on my cars/trucks/farm equipment. i use a grease nettle to lube the bearings on my mowing deck and serpentine belt bearings. Started using ARCHOIL in my ford 6.0 after i was told to replace all the injectors. After just one treatment with ARCHOIL WOW it was like new engine had been installed. THANKS ARCHOIL .