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Archoil Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale - Ends Tonight!

Choose from any of the featured kits above and save up to 40% off MSRP. Learn more below about the products featured in the sale - AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner, AR6500 Diesel Treatment & AR9100 Friction Modifier.

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AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

  • Rapidly cleans key fuel system components
  • Restores performance and results in smoother idling
  • Removes carbon build-up from injector tips to ensure correct spray patterns
  • Cleans soot and carbon deposits from the DPF, reducing regen frequency and preventing performance loss
  • Removes carbon deposits from the turbo, addressing the cause of turbo lag and avoiding premature failure
  • One 12 oz bottle treats 40 gallons of diesel - use every 5,000 miles
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Click here to learn more about AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

"As a former mechanic I never believed in additives but this is my 3rd purchase of this product and used on 3 different vehicles with great results. On my BMW X5 it made the idle smooth and the MPG up by 2. On my LML increased the regeneration interval from 300 to 600 miles. On a friend's TDI took care of a hesitation it had."

- Gabriel C. (Arizona)

AR6500 Diesel Treatment

  • Everyday diesel treatment improves fuel quality and combustion efficiency
  • Maximizes power, performance and fuel economy
  • Improves MPG 6-10% and boosts cetane up to 8 points at every fill-up
  • Cleans and maintains injectors, turbo and DPF for extended component life and reduced regens
  • Improves lubricity of fuel to above Engine Manufacturers' Association recommendation
  • Available in 16.7 oz (treats 165 gallons) and 40.6 oz (treats 400 gallons) sizes
  • New, bigger bottle treats more gallons and features easy-pour neck along with larger fill chamber for more accurate dispensing
  • Suitable for all diesel systems
  • Click here to learn more about AR6500 Diesel Treatment

"The engine noise became noticeably quieter after about 20 to 30 miles of driving. No smoke out of exhaust. Before any Archoil products this truck was lucky to get 14 MPG on the highway. I just drove back from New Mexico with a slight tailwind and AR6500... one leg I got 20 MPG!! This truck in 60,000 miles has NEVER gotten 20 MPG before!"

(2002 7.3L Power Stroke)

AR9100 Friction Modifier

  • Oil additive suitable for use in all diesel and gasoline engines
  • Eliminates hard/cold start issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0L & 7.3L Power Strokes
  • Increases power and response
  • Reduces friction and provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Cleans and prevents sludge/varnish deposits
  • Click here to learn more about AR9100 Friction Modifier

"I use it in all my diesel engines. Keeps them nice and clean inside.I was amazed when I pulled the valve covers. It was showroom clean - no sludge, no blowby residue, nothing. Could easily read the serial numbers on the injectors. As far as stiction goes, I don't have any with my Power Stroke and it runs smooth and fires right up."

The Archoil Black Friday Sale

Save up to 40% - ends tonight!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 336 reviews
Tj T. (East Greenwich, RI, US)
Good as always!

I use the oil additive and the fuel treatment all year round and it works!

S.T. (Baraboo, WI, US)
Great product

I use AR9100 at every oil change, and fuel treatment every other tank full, keeps my 2004 6.0 with 290000+ mi running great!

Mark B. (Dallas, TX, US)

224,545 miles on original injectors on 2004 6.0 ..... thought it was finally time to replace them..... truck was running bad.... jerk... surge.... hard to get started... replaced the IPR screen.... installed a new FICM power supply board... helped it some..... changed the oil & all filters ..... added both the oil additive & the fuel additive "2oz to 10 gal"...... & AMAZINGLY ENOUGH...... it fires right up & runs smooth. . So smooth I can run it on the cruise control without it Jerking the drive train! I'm sure it's just a Matter of time before the injectors will have to be replaced...... but I'm going to get every last mile out of them as possible !

Phil (Queen Creek, AZ, US)
Works Great

I have not had the regen issue since using Archoil and fuel economy is better.

Clayton O. (Caledonia, MI, US)
Great Products

I use all of their Products for my 2018 Superduty and have used it on all of my previous vehicles, tractors, etc. This stuff works.