Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits

Diesel Performance Kits

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This Kit includes:
  • Increase power and response
  • Anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Protect engine during cold starts
  • Clean and prevent sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extend oil drain intervals
  • Boost cetane up to 8 points
  • Increase fuel economy (MPG)
  • Lubricate and protect the fuel system
  • Maintain injectors, turbo and DPF (reduce regens)
  • Extend component life


Revive, restore and maximize your vehicle's performance with an Archoil Diesel Performance Kit

The must-have kit for diesel owners. Restore and maximize your performance with this best-seller.

Upgrade your oil with AR9100 to protect your engine and increase power and response. Revive your fuel system with AR6400-D and boost performance at every fill-up with AR6500.

"My engine is noticeably quieter and a lot more responsive. It runs better now than it did in 2006 when I bought it!"


Fully restore and maintain your vehicle's fuel system with this kit.

AR6400-D delivers a rapid deep clean to remove carbon build-up from injectors and key fuel system components. AR6500 boosts cetane, improves lubricity and keeps the fuel system clean to increase MPG and prevent premature failure.

"I had some turbo lag - gone. Engine had rough idle at times - gone. Fuel economy has increased between 1 and 1.5 MPG."

AR9100 + AR6500

Improve engine performance, eliminate stiction and boost your fuel system at every fill-up with this combo. AR6500 ensures fuel quality, increases lubricity, improves MPG and cleans the fuel system.

Add AR9100 at an oil change and treat up to 400 gallons of diesel with AR6500.

"2006 6.0 Powerstroke with 145,000 miles. Sluggish when cold and stuttered until it warmed up. After one round trip to work (40 miles) the truck runs flawlessly."

AR9100 + AR6400-D

Add AR9100 to your oil and AR6400-D to a tank of fuel and feel the benefit for the next 5,000+ miles. AR6400-D removes heavy carbon deposits to restore power and performance.

This kit is perfect for those looking for easy but effective maintenance.

"Been using this combo for the past year and I must say it has really woken the beast up! No more bucking or stiction and the MPG has gone up."

"As a former mechanic I never believed in additives but this is my 3rd purchase of this product and used on 3 different vehicles with great results. On my BMW X5 it made the idle smooth and the MPG up by 2. On my LML increased the regeneration interval from 300 to 600 miles."

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

"The engine noise became noticeably quieter after about 20 to 30 miles. Before Archoil this truck was lucky to get 14 MPG on the highway. I drove back from New Mexico with a slight tailwind and AR6500. One leg I got 20 MPG!! This truck in 60,000 miles has NEVER gotten 20 MPG before!"

AR6500 Diesel Treatment

"I use it in all my diesel engines. I was amazed when I pulled the valve covers. It was showroom clean - no sludge, no blowby residue, nothing. Could easily read the serial numbers on the injectors. As far as stiction goes, I don't have any with my Power Stroke and it runs smooth and fires right up."

AR9100 Friction Modifier

Customer Reviews

Based on 402 reviews
Anonymous (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Better with

The friction modifier is worth the time to use. Notice difference in cold start up within 200 miles. I add in-between oil changes.

The ar6500 is added twice a month. 3 oz. Each time I use. Seems to help in smoother idling and hope this will help the injectors, since diesel fuel is bastarderdised now a days, good help is needed.

I will continue to use.

Robert D. (Phoenix, AZ, US)

Great so far noticed a improvement in mpg and quicker starts.
Way less smoke even passed emissions passing with a lower score than brand new trucks

Jesse P.
Great products! Super fast shipping too!

I started using the diesel fuel cleaner and the diesel treatment at every fill up and man is it making a difference. My semi truck idle’s Mucherino smoother, regens way less which means it uses less DEF, and I feel like it has more power especially going up inclines I don’t have to downshift as much. I will most definitely be buying more of archoil’s product. Great price, fast shipping, and they actually make a difference!

Ricardo P.
7.3 powerstoke

Best disel treatment I’ve ever used. Will keep purchasing more in the future.