• AR9100 Oil Additive

    Addresses the greatest lubrication challenges in engines & gearboxes. Restores Powerstroke injectors.

  • Fuel Treatments

    Everyday fuel additives that improve combustion efficiency and quality issues associated with diesel and gasoline fuels.

  • Fuel System Cleaner

    Powerful next generation, single application fuel system cleaner for diesel and gasoline vehicles.

  • Grease

    High performance grease with nanoborate. Designed for extreme pressure and temperature applications.

  • Gun Oil

    We offer two nano particle gun oils. Both are superior to graphite, PTFE, or moly based products.

  • Custom

    Professional solutions that push lubrication, cleaning and protection to new levels.

Archoil ®

utilizes nanoscience solutions to meet the most demanding lubrication challenges and also address the latest developments in corrosion control and fuel enhancement for transportation, marine, industry, and heavy equipment.

Archoil ®

supplies nano additives for lubricant and grease manufacturers to enhance their products by evolving from toxic and inferior EP/AW additive packages to a more efficient and cost effective nanotechnology.

Archoil ®

offers technology made from nano potassium borate, hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), tungsten disulfide (WS2) plus other advanced complex nanoparticle solutions.


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Nanotechnology has become one of the fastest growing scientific and engineering disciplines.

New nano advancements in bioscience, medicine, engineering, pharmacology, and material science is replacing micron technologies.

Nanotechnology gives scientists the ability to work and manipulate materials at the atomic and molecular level to achieve desired characteristics.

In the field of Tribology, lubricants are greatly enhanced to levels never achieved prior. This means less energy consumption, dramatic reduction in wear, less pollution, corrosion control and extended equipment life.

In the nano world everything is
intensified & more efficient