AR8300 Severe Duty Synthetic Grease

AR8300 Severe Duty Synthetic Grease contains a complex of nanoceramic elements that took ten years to develop.  The nanoceramic elements are suspended in a high grade PAO biodegradable non-toxic base stock and thickened with fumed silica.


AR8300’s ceramics form a solid boundary layer that has been tested to be harder than its host alloy in many cases with an extremely low coefficient of friction (.003 CoF @ 14.40 MPa). The ceramic complex withstands extreme temperatures, while dramatically reducing wear and corrosion.  AR8300 protects against hydrogen embrittlement and demonstrates an exceptional water washout rate (0.50%).


AR8300 is suitable for many high performance/severe duty applications and is recommended for OEM suppliers who would like to ensure resilience of parts under warranty.



.5oz syringe (recommended for firearms use) and 14oz tube can be purchased online through our shopping cart. Larger packaging is available directly from Archoil for OEM and Industrial customers.



AR5100 Rust Remover

AR5100 is an industrial grade pH neutral (not acidic) rust and oxidation remover that quickly and effectively removes even the heaviest corrosion from metals.


AR5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a strong bond with metal oxides (rust), but not with the host metal, and then pulls the rust from the surface.


AR5100 totally removes all corrosion from the metal surfaces and unlike most other products it does not form a patina or convert the rust to a new material.  Save money with AR5100 by removing rust from all surfaces including hard to reach areas without using time consuming mechanical removal methods. AR5100 will remove rust from steel, iron, brass, copper, chrome and other metals and alloys while leaving most other materials – plastic, rubber, paint etc. unharmed.



16oz and 1 gallon bottles can be purchased from our online shopping cart. Larger packaging is available directly from Archoil for OEM and Industrial customers.


AR2100 Nanoborate Thermic Oil Treatment

AR2100 is a thermic fluid treatment formulated from select esters to remove existing solid carbon/varnish formations and prevent their further formation. AR2100 contains potassium tetraborate nano-particles which condition surfaces to resist deposition.


Thermic fluids are used in industrial processes for their heat transfer properties. Constant high temperatures experienced by thermic fluids cause them to form ‘carbon flakes’ which attach to the inside of lines and other systems as build-up and blockages which need to be removed. AR2100 eliminates the need for expensive disassembly of systems to remove blockages. AR2100 will dissolve and disperse deposits, and the system filter can then remove suspended particles from thermic fluid.  Replacing the filter is required after cleaning as it will be saturated with deposits. Once blockages are removed, AR2100 should continuously be used to maintain a clean system by combating deposit formation and removing any new deposits before they become blockages.


AR2100 is a custom product and is not available from our online shopping cart. Please CONTACT US for further information or to purchase.