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AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

Improves Winter Fuel Quality and Provides Anti-Gel Protection

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment is a concentrated fuel treatment which is added to every tank of diesel to boost performance, ensure fuel quality, protect your fuel system and protect against gelling in cold weather.

AR6300 provides ALL the benefits of AR6500 Fuel Treatment plus anti-gel protection.

AR6300 promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response.

AR6300 Features

  • Cold Filter Plugging Point Depressant: Prevents diesel fuel from gelling and plugging the fuel filter
  • Combustion Modifier: Promotes complete combustion
  • Lubricant: Protects fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, lubricates upper cylinder
  • Fuel System Maintenance: Maintains and protects injectors and fuel system
  • Dispersant/Detergent: Helps dissolve sludge and other fuel system deposits. Restores degraded fuel
  • Stabilizer: Enables extended fuel storage
  • Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • Demulsifier: Helps separate water from diesel fuel
  • Improves cetane

Protect High Pressure Diesel Fuel Systems

The ASTM D-975 Diesel fuel specification requires diesel fuel sold in the USA to produce a wear scar diameter no larger than 520 microns, while the Engine Manufacturers Association recommends diesel fuel to produce a wear scar diameter of no larger than 460 microns.

This means fuel that meets ASTM D-975 may not be lubricious enough to meet the Engine Manufacturers Association's recommendation, and therefore may not provide adequate protection to modern high pressure diesel fuel systems.

AR6300 will help protect high pressure diesel fuel systems from failure due to inadequate lubricity.

How it Works

Helps prevent diesel fuel from gelling

At low temperatures diesel fuel gels and can plug your fuel filter and prevent fuel from flowing to the engine. AR6300 lowers the cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel which helps ensure fuel flows when you need it to.

More complete fuel burn

AR6300 will ensure correct injector spray patterns and a more complete fuel burn which improves fuel efficiency, power and response. A more complete fuel burn also means less soot/carbon emissions are produced which keeps the engine, turbo, and emissions systems (EGR, DPF etc.) free from soot deposits.

Keeps Diesel Particulate Filter clean

Due to reduced soot emissions, vehicles equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will benefit from reduced frequency and length of DPF regeneration, which results in big fuel efficiency gains. When the DPF captures less soot, much less fuel is needed to burn it off, and there is less exhaust backpressure which reduces engine efficiency.

Protects fuel system

Detergents will keep your fuel system clean preventing the formation of power/economy robbing deposits and a lubricity improver will prevent wear in all fuel systems including the most modern high pressure fuel systems. AR6300 will also combat corrosion as well as disperse water and keep fuel filters clean.

Stabilizes fuel

AR6300 will maintain fuel stability by preventing fuel from degrading and forming sludge and varnish which does not burn readily and can plug fuel filters and injectors if left untreated. A powerful dispersant will dissolve sludge and varnish allowing it to pass through your fuel system and burn completely.

Treat Rate

A 41.3oz bottle treats up to 275 gallons of diesel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Joe C. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
The Best Stuff!

I have used Archoil products since I bought my ‘05 F350 6.0L 5 years ago. I had a stiction issue which was resolved by AR6400 & AR9100 (oil additive). When winter came & freezing temperatures I needed an anti-gel product. AR6300 was my only option since I had great results with the other two products. Never had a problem with cold starts. The truck runs great! I highly recommend all Archoil products for diesel vehicle owners.

Jesse A. (Flagstaff, AZ, US)
2003 6.0

Works great in my 03 F350. No issues with gelling and my truck does run better and starts easier, even after sitting for extended periods.

Thomas P. (Helena, MT, US)
AR6300 worked like a charm in my 2000 7.3

AR6300 worked like a charm in my 2000 7.3

John B.M.A. (Mobile, AL, US)
Really pleased.

Funkiest bottle I've ever seen. But, every Archoil product I have ever used has worked incredibly well. Use anything you make for the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke. If you get around to making a transmission additive, let me know. I'll be the first one to buy it.

Tony T. (San Jose, CA, US)

New to adding additives ,, havnt,had,real harsh conditions or temperatures to really test out.. Curious