ARCHOIL® is a leading supplier of high-performance lubrication and fuel treatment products. Our solid boundary lubricants incorporate the latest developments in nanotechnology to provide superior protection and lubrication in automotive, transportation, industrial, agricultural, marine and motorsports applications. Our unique fuel treatments and engine and fuel system cleaners help to maintain and improve the performance of diesel and other engines.

ARCHOIL has a range of formulations that address lubrication and fuel-related challenges present in modern diesel vehicles. Changes in diesel equipment design such as the introduction of post-combustion particulate filtration systems (DPF) and hydraulic-electric fuel injection systems (HEUI) as well as the introduction of biofuel and ultra low sulfur diesel blends mandate progressive solutions to overcome new types of problems. Visit our AR9100 Friction Modifier and AR6500 Diesel Treatment pages to find out more about how Archoil can benefit your diesel powered vehicle.

ARCHOIL's unrelenting commitment to providing the best lubricants and fuel treatments possible has allowed us to build a loyal consumer and commercial customer base. We are 100% committed to helping our customers resolve the most demanding lubrication and fueling challenges with every email, phone call or other enquiry that we receive.

Please contact us at (203) 265-5700 or online with any questions or additional information requests.