Boost diesel quality, fuel economy and extend the life of your fuel system

Restore Your Vehicle's Performance

Archoil fuel additives revive and improve engine performance while our oil additive provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection for your engine.

Lubricate & Protect Engine Components
AR9100 Oil Additive
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Eliminate 6.0L & 7.3L Injector Stiction
Power Stroke Fix

"Seeing this F-350 run as smooth as it did the day it left the dealership definitely made believers out of us."

"Archoil is the Real Deal"
Diesel Power Magazine

"We are seeing great results using Archoil."

"I highly recommend Archoil products"
George Swift, Mechanic, Jay Leno's Garage

"Improved fuel economy, smoother running engine and no issues with cold starts."

"We're now believers in Archoil"
Diesel Tech Magazine
Boost Performance, cetane and mpg
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
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Rapidly Clean Injectors, Turbo and DPF
AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
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Diesel Kits

Maximize your Archoil experience by boosting performance and protecting your engine and fuel system.