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AR6500 Diesel Treatment

Improves Everyday Diesel Quality & Combustion Efficiency

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment

Upgrade Your Diesel

Archoil's AR6500 Diesel Treatment has been formulated to address issues associated with modern diesel fuels. AR6500 incorporates the most powerful and advanced diesel additive chemistry that is currently available. Only 100% active ingredients are used with no fillers, offering greater value per fill up.

AR6500's detergents and lubricants have been engineered to clean, lubricate and protect your fuel system including injectors, pumps, lines and tank in all systems including the latest high pressure common-rail injection fuel systems.

AR6500 also incorporates Archoil's proven combustion modifier technology and a strong cetane boost to increase power and response and reduce soot and carbon build-up in turbos, DPF and EGR components.

AR6500 Features & Benefits

  • Improves Combustion Efficiency (Reduces Soot & Smoke)
  • Cleans Injectors, Turbo & DPF (Reduces Regens)
  • Lubricates & Protects Fuel System from Wear & Premature Failure
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs & Extends Component Life
  • Increases Fuel Economy (MPG) 6-10%
  • Compatible with all types of diesel fuel systems

Increase Cetane Up To 8 Points

Fuels having lower cetane ratings lead to poor fuel economy, less power and higher emissions. The common cetane rating at the pump is between 40-45 and the cetane your truck typically needs is between 47-50. By raising your fuel's cetane rating, MPG and power/response will be improved while emissions are reduced.

Protect, Maintain & Boost Your Vehicle's Performance


Clean injector deposits

AR6500 cleans and prevents injector deposits to restore lost horsepower and fuel economy. This extends engine life, corrects injector spray patterns and reduces exhaust emission while AR6500 works to prevent future build-up of soot.

Remove carbon from the turbo

AR6500 removes carbon from the key fuel system components, including the turbo, DPF and EGR. By restoring function to the fuel system, AR6500 keeps your vehicle working everyday to its full potential and prevents issues such as turbo lag and lack of boost.

Improve fuel lubricity

Protect your injectors, injection pumps and fuel system from wear by using AR6500 at every fill-up. Typically, diesel at the pump does not meet Engine Manufacturer's Association recommendation for lubricity. AR6500's chemistry improves fuel lubricity to above the recommended levels.

Increase fuel economy (MPG)

Use of AR6500 improves the poor quality of diesel at the pump, cleans and maintains fuel system components and revives engine performance. This, along with AR6500's cetane boost, improves fuel economy. In testing, AR6500 increased MPG by 11% in a 2011 Ford F-350.

Diesel Magazine

"You can add Diesel Tech magazine to the long list of testimonials as we're now believers in Archoil too.

"Improved fuel economy, smoother running engine and no issues with cold starts."

Diesel Tech Magazine

AR6500 Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between AR6500 and AR6200 Fuel Treatment?

AR6500 Diesel Treatment has been formulated to address issues associated with modern diesel fuels, using advanced diesel additive chemistry to improve/fix issues directly related with diesel engines and fuel. AR6200 Fuel Treatment has been formulated to address issues associated with all fuels, using a strong universal additive package.

What's the difference between AR6500 and AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner?

AR6500 is an everyday diesel additive with a small amount added to every tank of fuel to boost performance, ensure fuel quality and protect the fuel system from wear, deposit formation and corrosion. AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System cleaner is a powerful product designed to be added to remove all existing deposits from your fuel system and engine. For best vehicle performance use AR6400-D to clean your system, then use AR6500 to boost MPG, performance and protect your system at every fill-up. A 40 oz bottle of AR6500 treats up to 400 gallons of fuel and a 12 oz bottle of AR6400-D treats 40 gallons of fuel

Can AR6400-D be used in my vehicle?

AR6500 is suitable for all diesel vehicles, including newer systems such as High Pressure Common Rail.

Does AR6500 offer any anti-gel protection?

No AR6500 does not offer any anti-gel protection. Archoil AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment does offer anti-gel protection.

What is the shelf life of AR6500?

AR6500 will be stable indefinitely if kept away from sources of heat and sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
BILL H. (Big Bear, CA, US)
Love this stuff

I'm a diesel guy. This stuff really works.

Otis T. (Lakeland, FL, US)
every tank

I use it in every tank of fuel in a F250 Super Duty. I have not had a bit of trouble with the engine at all.

Jo T. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

I first started using AR6500 after my son and I rebuilt a Ford 350 6.0. My son had ran across the feedback for the AR6500 and because of the great reviews, we wanted to give it a shot. The results in our 6.0 were FANTASTIC. You could hear the difference in the engine immediately. There was no delay. Having to check the egr regularly, we began seeing next to no build up on the egr. The engine sounded better, accelerated better. You could feel the difference when you drove it compared to before its use. Great product. I make sure I have enough for every oil change, every tank of diesel and every 3-5000 miles. We really use our 6.0 hauling, working, and towing. I can't say enough good about it. Shoot we have even added the fuel addictive to our riding lawn mowers and push mowers, which are gas, and they all run waaay better. If you haven't tried this product for your diesel, you have to buy you some. It might seem costly but the improvement on the engine is dramatic which will give you many many more miles out of your vehicle.

Robert T. (Greenville, PA, US)

Awesome product! Mileage is up and regeneration happens about every 375-425 miles. Once in a while around 300 miles but not often. Very happy!

Joe C. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Stiction issue resolved!

After 3 months after I brought my 2005 F-350 6.0LCC SRW I noticed hard cold starts & a stiction issue with my injectors. As a first time diesel & 6.0L owner, I did my research and Archoil’s products came up as the go to problem solver. I bought the AR9100, AR6500 & AR6400-D. Changed my oil, fuel filters, put in fresh full synthetic oil and the Archoil products. After warm up to operating temperature, my truck ran smoother & quieter! Every cold start afterwards was smooth & easy.
4 years later, I still add Archoil’s products at every interval! I do oil analysis & have been able to extend the interval each time! Archoil has a customer for life in me.