AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment

AR6500 Diesel Treatment

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New Size! Treats 100 gallons.
AR6500 Diesel Treatment is an everyday additive that protects your fuel system and boosts power, response and MPG at every fill-up.
  • Improves combustion efficiency
  • Cleans injectors, turbo and DPF (reduces regens)
  • Lubricates and protects the fuel system
  • Reduces maintenance and extends component life
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Boosts cetane up to 8 points

Standard: 1 oz (30ml) of AR6500 Diesel Treatment per 10 gallons of diesel.

Power Boost: 2 oz (60ml) per 10 gallons of diesel. For best results use Power Boost dose in first tank of fuel.

On average, AR6500 users experience an MPG increase of up to 10%, representing a saving of up to $228 in fuel costs per 40.6 oz bottle (based on average fuel prices, June 2022).

In testing, AR6500 increased MPG by 11.1% in a 2011 Ford F-350.

Click here to learn how AR6500 improves fuel economy and performance

The common cetane rating of diesel at the pump is between 40-45 and the cetane your vehicle typically needs is between 47-50. Improving the cetane rating of fuel will increase MPG, power and response while reducing emissions.


Maximize Power, Performance and MPG

AR6500 cleans, lubricates and protects your fuel system including injectors, pumps, lines and tank in all systems including the latest high pressure common-rail systems.

AR6500 also incorporates Archoil's proven combustion modifier technology and a strong cetane boost to increase power and response at every fill-up.

Click here to learn more about how AR6500 addresses fuel quality issues and carbon build-up


• Remove carbon deposits to ensure correct injector spray pattern

• Restore lost horsepower and fuel economy

• Prevent further carbon build-up


• Remove carbon from fuel system components including the turbo, DPF and EGR

• Prevent turbo lag, restoring boost and reducing DPF regenerations

Use of AR6500 improves the poor quality of diesel at the pump, cleans and maintains fuel system components and revives engine performance. In testing, AR6500 increased MPG by 11.1%

Improve Fuel Lubricity

In wear scar testing (ASTM D6079), base diesel fuel produced a scar width of 614.5 microns. The same fuel treated with AR6500 produced a scar width of 347.5 microns - increasing lubricity 43%. Improving lubricity extends component life and prevents premature failure.

Learn why lubrication in fuel matters and how AR6500 can help prevent avoidable trips to the mechanic


New Size! Treats 100 Gallons

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40.6 oz

Treats 400 Gallons

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40.6 oz Two Pack

Treats 800 Gallons

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AR6500 FAQs

AR6500 cleans and maintains the fuel system and adds cetane for a boost that can be felt at every fill-up. AR6400-D is a highly concentrated one-tank fuel system cleaner to be used every 5,000 miles.

AR6500 is suitable for all diesel vehicles, including newer systems such as High Pressure Common Rail.

No. Please use Archoil AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment for all the benefits of AR6500 plus anti-gel protection.

AR6500 will remain stable indefinitely if kept away from sources of heat and sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Dustin S. (Waynesboro, VA, US)
If you have a emissions controlled truck, please buy this product and be strict about using it

I have a 2015 ram 3500 6.7 that i tow 30k miles a year with, bought the truck at 100k miles and noticed from 140k to 160k miles on it that the truck was running through DEF fluid compared to when i first got the truck, about 10k miles ago i got a Banks idash for the truck and noticed it was in regen a lot (i just couldn’t tell because it must have been in regen while i was driving all the time vs static regen while in Park) after putting about 40k miles on the truck after i got it i did become lazy about adding the AR6500 in it so I figured out why my truck was going through so much DEF fluid, it was because i was being lazy about adding the AR6500 at every other fuel up, i know all of archoil’s products are expensive but I beg you to get this product, it truly is worth it, don’t just use it for a short time and make up your mind about it, run it for several thousand miles and prove it to yourself, with the price of fuel so high i know paying for this product and adding it to your fuel is the last thing you wana do but if you have a DPF truck and you care about longevity then it will pay off in the long run, also if you have an emissions controlled truck then you have the money to put this in the fuel, if not then you probably shouldn’t have a newer diesel truck, don’t be lazy just buy it.

Cavan B. (Dallas, TX, US)

Great product.

Peter M. (Apple Valley, CA, US)
It's awesome problem

I have a 2005 GMC 3500 It used to feel sluggishNow an idol is extremely smooth Run the drive's Is great

Barry H. (Northampton, MA, US)
Shipped on time,A great product for diesel Truck owners

Great product imho___ it cleared up my 6.7 Ram turbo oxygen sensors after using the product ,after two thankfulls....👍

Sean E. (Prince George, VA, US)
Great product for the price.

It came to me quickly and in these days we need all the help we can get saving a few extra dollars at the pump. Thanks Archoil!