Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits
Diesel Performance Kits

Diesel Performance Kits

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The Ultimate Diesel kit includes:
AR9100 + AR6400-D + AR6500 40.6oz
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Use every 5,000 miles

• Rapidly cleans injector tips and IDIDs

• Removes carbon and restores turbo function

• Eliminates DPF build-ups and reduces regens

• Restores power, performance and MPG

• Improves combustion to reduce carbon, soot and particulate exhaust emissions


Use at every fill-up

• Improve combustion efficiency

• Clean injectors, turbo and DPF

• Increase fuel economy (MPG) 6-10%

• Reduce regen frequency

• Lubricate and protect the fuel system

• Extend component life

• Boost cetane up to 8 points


Use at every oil change

• Suitable for use in all engines. Eliminates stiction in 6.0L and 7.3L Power Strokes

• Increases power and response

• Provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection

• Reduces engine noise and vibration

• Protects engine during cold starts

• Extends oil drain intervals

"As a former mechanic I never believed in additives but this is my 3rd purchase of this product and used on 3 different vehicles with great results. On my BMW X5 it made the idle smooth and the MPG up by 2. On my LML increased the regeneration interval from 300 to 600 miles."

"The engine noise became noticeably quieter after about 20 to 30 miles. Before Archoil this truck was lucky to get 14 MPG on the highway. I drove back from New Mexico with a slight tailwind and AR6500. One leg I got 20 MPG!! This truck in 60,000 miles has NEVER gotten 20 MPG before!"

"I use it in all my diesel engines. I was amazed when I pulled the valve covers. It was showroom clean - no sludge, no blowby residue, nothing. Could easily read the serial numbers on the injectors. As far as stiction goes, I don't have any with my Power Stroke and it runs smooth and fires right up."

Customer Reviews

Based on 367 reviews
Jenny S.

Within 40 to 50 miles I could tell a big difference it stopped the bucking around 45 mphs better cold starts

Chase G. (Birmingham, AL, US)

Within 20 minutes I’ve noticed a difference and sound After one day I’ve noticed a difference in power

Raymond L. (San Jose, CA, US)

Since using the Diesel Treatment on every fill up, I started to see a gradually increase in MPG. I have not used the other products yet, since I have not done an oil change. But I am curious in how this will improve the engine oil in the engine that has over 300,000+ miles on the odometer.

Zachary (Chicago, IL, US)
Love Archoil

I've used the Friction Modifier and fuel treatment for a few years, also use the fuel cleaner now. Definitely makes my 6.0 start easier and run smoother I use the winter additive during colder months.

David V. (Santa Monica, CA, US)
Repeat Customer Extremely Satisfied

I live in a small mountain town in Colorado. The winters often see weeks at a time with sub zero daily high temps. I run the winter fuel additive through the winter, and have had trouble free driving for two years now. I use the oil additive, and regardless of oil, notice quieter injectors and happier cold starts with the oil additive. The summer fuel additive contributed a small bump in economy, and less smoke on start up. Together this additive package seems to keep my 27 year old Power Stroke chugging along. I recommend archoil to everyone who I talk to about Diesel trucks, especially in harsh cold climates.