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Diesel Performance Kits
John T. (Knoxville, TN, US)
Powerstroke performance

My 2000 Superduty 7.3 Powerstroke is stock and what I would consider ordinary in performance. It has 240K and the only issue really is a minor oil leak which I am taking care of this summer. Over the past couple of years I felt like I could notice a drop in power and acceleration. I service the truck myself completely on a more regular interval than anyone else I know, so the truck is definitely well cared for and not abused.
A friend told me about Archoil additives and I thought "no way."
Well, I am a believer now! I first put in the oil additive and within 100 -150 miles or so it just felt different... smoother and easier starting. After I put in the fuel additive I was amazed how much power I had been missing out on, it's like a new truck!
Thanks Archoil!

The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
Larry J. (Mabank, TX, US)
Great Product

My 1999 F350 7.3l was running alright, but having a little trouble starting in cold weather. This was recommended to me, I researched it, tried it and within 30 miles could tell it was running better. It's been easier to start after using. I've been using it for 3-4 years now.

Diesel Performance Kits
daniel s. (Parkville, MD, US)
archoil does what it says it does i love it

archoil at first i was very skeptical then i tried it my 7,3 my 6.0 love it,im hooked

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
Kerry w. (Humble, TX, US)
One of the best cleaners out there

My truck has over 100k and I was kind skeptical when I saw this but I am very pleased with the outcome. I have a little more HP and regen is few and far between cycles. The only cleaner that I will trust. Will definitely buy again.

The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
David I. (Boca Raton, FL, US)
Diesel truck owner, 6 and 5.9

I'm running this in both of my vehicles. Both the work and my personal vehicle,
The work is a 6 liter, Ford with 352000 miles on it. It is not buller-proofed and runs incredibly well.

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
Danny T. (Memphis, TN, US)
The only thing I trust

You run the product and feel a sort of power loss not much as the unburned cleaners clean the carbon from the turbo the next tank I run the cetane booster and pickup 3.5 mph my dpf trucks Regen less frequently and I've found that if running an exhaust brake frequently with this it cleans EGR cooler and valve and if you run extra it will remove carbon on valves as well.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Jeffrey H. (Walla Walla, WA, US)
Excellent Additive

I am using it in my 79 Ford Tractor and it runs better than it ever did. Less smoke and fuel efficiency is great.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Robert P. (Wichita, KS, US)
Best ever

Archoil is the best ever,I use it in both my 1997 7.3 and my 2001 7.3.16 mpg in city and they both purr like kittens.
Well worth it all around

AR6200 Fuel Treatment
Rick H. (Randleman, NC, US)
Gas treatment

Have used AR6200 in my H-D motorcycles for years. I have tried other products which didn't work as well. My older manual compression releases would stick open and I had to clean them (ultrasonic) every 4-6 weeks to prevent the sticking. After I started using AR6200 I only clean them once or twice a year.

Archoil Grease
Jan P.M. (Oslo, 03, NO)
Simply the best!

AR6400-G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner
Elwood W. (Franklin, TN, US)
No more spark knock

My 2005 Silverado had spark knock from almost the day I brought it home. I only drive 12 miles daily back and forth to work. After using the AR6400-G for less than a month, NO more spark knock. Quality products that deliver results. Thanks Archoil.

Diesel Performance Kits
Jeff K. (Denver, CO, US)
No more black smoke

Archoil’s additives took care of my Powerstroke’s rich fuel problem. Had 6500 miles since my last oil change (I know. I know. That was stupidit not to have done it sooner). But an oil change with T-6, Archoil’s oil additive, and gas their additives took care of the black smoke. Very glad I happened to discover their additives.

AR6200 Fuel Treatment
charies d. (Apopka, FL, US)
New container sucks

The oldest daughter container without the giant long neck was 10 times better

Diesel Performance Kits
Mike M. (Clare, MI, US)

Starts better! Not much increase in mpg. Overall guess it hasn't hurt anything!

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Robert K. (Evington, VA, US)

Seems like it increased mpg a little. Driving a manual at a crowded tourist destination.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Patrick M. (Denver, CO, US)
Pat.m Denver colo,

Used in my 7.3 brought it back to life great product never ran better thanks !!!

The Archoil Fix For Ford Power Stroke
Landon L. (Bedford, IN, US)

Works as advertised and worth the investment!!!! My wife's 7.3L truck stopped burning oil after one oil change. We change every 5k using Valvoline Blue 15w40 conventional. Both trucks pushing close to 400k no issues!!!!

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Chad. m.S. (Jenison, MI, US)

Great product gained 2 mpg better on fuel mileage and thinking long term hoping no repairs in the long run😎

AR6300 Winter Diesel Treatment
Steve (Ravena, NY, US)
How can I review the Winter Diesel Oil Treatment Now? DAH...

How can I review the Winter Diesel Oil Treatment Now?
It's June 5th and you delivered it two weeks ago.... DAH.

AR9100 Oil Additive
Mark R. (Circleville, OH, US)
Good stuff

I used a pint in my 6.0 before a long road trip pulling a trailer. I don't have stiction issues but figure occasional use along with synthetic oil will keep my injectors happy. Worked fine for the past 4 years doing it that way.

Diesel Performance Kits
Jimmy L.S. (Haines, OR, US)

It would be nice if it was that price , was a every day price. I was having trouble with my power steering on 06 f250 deisel 4x4 superduty, I took two ounces of power steering fluid out and poured in 2 ounces of 9100 arch oil in it. Have not had a problem with power steering again.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
William D. (Ardmore, PA, US)
Great !

My truck never ran so good with this product. Jay Leno was right about this company.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Timothy S. (Kissimmee, FL, US)
Best Diesel Products

Besides the fact that my truck has never ran better, using Archoil products, their customer service is second to none. I came across Archoil products just after I purchased my diesel truck, and after hours of research and talking to other diesel owners, I decided to give it a try. My truck has never ran better, and I recommend all the Archoil products to all my friends. When I had a problem with a shipment/reorder, even though the issue was with UPS, Archoil offered to make it right, without even asking them. After all this…..I’ll be a customer for life. Thanks.

AR6200 Fuel Treatment
James L. (Greeley, CO, US)
Great product

Provided your gas product to my sons and they love it , would not gas up without

AR6200 Fuel Treatment
Barton (Maud, OK, US)
Great Product

I use it in three cars, zero turn, push mowers, handhelds. AR6200 definitely stabilizes fuel for longer periods (100% gas or 90/10 ethanol blends). My engines run clean without plug fouling issues. Using the % blend for "increased power", it will eliminate knocking and increase the performance of engines (very noticeable in small 1 and 2 cylinder engines, and my 1992 Ford Explorer V-6). In my market, we only have 87 octane in 100% petroleum gas. With AR6200 this performs perfectly in handhelds, push mowers and zero turns. My old Explorer knocks on 87 without it.