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Based on 118 reviews
Works as Described

Second purchase in 2 months. Lost an injector due to carbon buildup. Had to find a solution to the soot. Treated the truck with this product as directed to remove current buildup. The treatment trigger a temporary EGR valve code. The EGR did have buildup upon service last spring. The EGR code indicated something happen during treatment resulting in the EGR valve not fully cycling as anticipated. The truck was groaning at 80 MPH. By the time I finished the first treatment, the groaning was gone. The EGR code cleared. I knew something positive had happened. Decided to pursue a second treatment knowing how much carbon buildup I had at the EGR valve and the lost injector. The plan is to pull the EGR to verify current soot buildup/removal, and retreat, again, as PM. Then repeat annually.

Best Lubricant

I have found that AR4400 is the best all-around lubricant for both AR rifles and 1911 pistols. I also noticed that all my firearms are much easier to clean after extreme usage. This is an outstanding lubricant and I highly recommend it!

C-9 Cat

This stuff is amazing just change the oil and add the Ar-9100 and no more missing. When this engine was new it would miss spit and spudder cat replaced the injectors fixed it for a short time and then back to missing, got some Ar-9100 and put added it to the oil and solved all the issues. This stuff works.

This product worked

This product worked great and the check engine light went off! WOW

Archoil Real Deal

The savings are worth it in this package.
There is an immediate notice when products are used (quieter, smoother, more responsive).

Powerstroke 6.0

I was told about this product by a diesel mechanic to add to my 6.0 do to my injectors acting up I am amazed as to how quick it fix the issue that I was having I will definitely be putting it in each oil change to continue the service on my truck. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Miracle additive

I use archoil every time I change my oil in my truck. It is a great additive.


Archoil products do what they say ... I have 378,000 miles on my ‘99 7.3 Powerstroke and it runs better than it did new. GL. Acton, Ca

Magic elixir for skeet shoot

Keeps everything smooth and clean longer.

An additive that actually works

Completely happy with Archoil products. Alex is a ton of help and I get my stuff in a fast timely manner. This is one product that has tons of benefits and really no faults per se. If cost is an issue this won't fix someone's tightwad tendencies. I have been a repeat customer of theirs for some time now. Only products I will use, stand-by or endorse.


I drive a2002 Chevy Impala. I love my car and strictly maintain it. I will do whatever it takes for upkeep on my car. To me this is like feeding my car a healthy diet!

Works as advertised

Works as advertised . I use this in my power stroke and in my LS motors to keep the lifters quiet and extend my oil changes .

Arcoil performance

I'm very happy with the over all performance. I run it in a 2014 33ft Motor Home with a Ford V10 , a Jeep and two cars an Acura and a 1966 collector car. Performance and gas mileage have gone up and the vehicles run smoother

Good Product

I had a engine light come on and it helped turn it off. I had the little wrench come on after about 30 min of driving, not any more. It may still come on but not in a half hour, I haven't went on any long drives since I added it.

Great oil additive

Love this stuff, helps with hard starts and it helps with a smooth idle. I used this in my last truck and it lasted over 500K.
I have a Ford 6.0 and this is the way to go.

Best Fuel Additive out there

Don't waste your money on that other junk, this stuff is the best, you won't be disappointed. My 2005 Ford 6.0 loves it.

Good product

IT's very hard to tell whether a product is working or not. Particularly in a large car or suv, it's hard to know if anything is different. A motorcycle however is lighter and easier to tell if there is a change. I have been using this product regularly in my BMW K-1600 motorcycle that I drive to work every day. The trip is both city and highway driving, and is about 60 miles round trip. I consistently got around 48 mpg on the bike overall. Since adding the Archoil fuel conditioner, I have been averaging close to 51 mpg, so that clearly shows it's doing something good. I'm also hopeful that it's increased lubricity will help maintain the expensive internal fuel pump, and combat the destructiveness of ethanol, which is now in all fuel. So far, I'm happy, and feeling like I am doing something proactive to preserve my expensive investments. Am using in all my vehicles including a John Deere Tractor.

Great Product

I have 04 6.0 the arch oil additive helped so much on the starting seems to idle smoothies most of all it has quieted down the motor

This stuff is amazing! At least 10% increase in MPG, and very Noticeable increase in throttle response. Will definitely use every 5000 miles.

Mechanic in bottle

Great stuff. Saved me buying injectors !

Fuel stuff.

So far so good. Haven't had to replace my egr cooler yet (second one). Original was coked up due to idle time. Bill Hewet of power stroke help has a great video descrbing the issue.

Oil tx

So far so good.

1st Bottle

I own a 96 F-350 7.3, 297,000 miles for 20 yrs, been havening issues with Hard starting, No power, Slow response and bad fuel mileage. I purchased Archoil, WOW!!! the 7.3 has come alive. I will use this in my other Fords (7.3). Thanks

very pleased!

Great service in a timely manner. Thanks Ronnie

Archoil AR9100 Review

One of the best oil additives I've ever used!