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Based on 188 reviews
Worth its weight in gold

First used this after finding nothing but positive reviews. Used it on my bad injectors and it saved them until I could get new ones (almost a year) and even with new injectors I use this stuff every oil change because it works great.

Engine runs more smoothly

2012 F250 6.7 Turbo Diesel. Engine and turbo runs much more smoothly with Archoil.

Good service

Quick shipping product seems to work well

Piece of mind

I use 9100 in my 03 6.0 no stiction but it’s good piece of mind knowing it’s in the oil

Go To Oil Additive

I have been using Archoil products for a number of years and the products seem to do what they say. Shipping was timely.


Product is great, customer support OK, but a bit slow

Injectors quiet now

After getting oil changed and adding Archoil, injectors quieter on cold start ups. Have used 9100 in past, but ran out of it, now have enough for my oil changes for next 35000 miles. My system runs around 20 qts of oil per change, so add 18 oz of 9100 at every oil and filter change. I have around 111K on my 6.0 L, did rebuild it at 60K as I lifted the heads while pulling a heavy load.

Good service

Arrived in a timely manner

6.0 Works good

No problems ever with injectors in my 6.0
even use use it in my boat
Well satisfied


When I add this to my boys hooch he is a happy man!!


My truck loves this stuff!

Good stuff

Purchased this product to use in my 1999 F250 7.3 powerstroke. The order was shipped and arrived in just a couple days. I find a lot of the claims of this solving hard starting in the 7.3 power stroke are a bit overstated. My power stroke still starts hard in the cold weather. I do find that once it starts it doesn't blow a lot of white smoke, and it doesn't run rough, so I do agree with those claims. Still starts hard on cold mornings though.


This stuff is absolutely amazing my 04 f250 was running a little rough stuck injectors but after a fresh oil change and adding arch oil it's running like new again. I highly recommend this to all ford owners especially if you have a 6.0

Slightly modified SS

Since I have been using your product I have had nothing but success I will continue to use it and all my SS


I’ve been using the 6200 for a year or so and love it. If I don’t use it my mileage starts to go down.

Product didn’t work for me

I have a 2003 7.3 with cold start problems. I purchased the P3 Kit and that’s what was earlier recommended for me to buy. When block heater is plugged in, it cranks perfectly. Is there another product that you can offer that would solve or assist to this problem?

Getting better fuel mileage 7.3

First time user

I wasnt having any problems to speak of but my 05 dually only has 75000 miles. I'm doing this additive so I don't have as many problems as other 6.0 powerstroke owners that I've read about. I've even been using it in my 2 quads and riding mower.

Stuff that works!

I am a firm believer of archoil. Plain and simple...this stuff works. I first tried Archoil on my 05 powerstroke, I had a few injectors feel like they were going bad, the 9400 cleared it all up. Truck was running awesome again. I'm a Archoil fan till the day I die. Thanks Archoil!

Great products keeps the $$ maker working

I bought your product for my old cars. Finding a lead product is hard in NV. As of this writing I have used it yet,

Works great

Have used 9100 oil treatment for 1 yr. and it makes engine run a lot quiter. Fuel additive for 6 mths. Ford 6.0 powerstroke seems to work well have to mix winter power service in the winter in colorado.

Best additives ever!!

Have a 2001 F350 and this Archoil oil and fuel additive has made this truck run smoother, quieter and get better MPG! Also run it in my Gravely lawn mower and 2006 Chevy Malibu, 246,000 miles! Well worth your money and does everything it says it’s supposed to do.

Fuel cleaner

I was satisfied with the cleaner. 100 or so miles after pouring it in I noticed a little better mileage but it runs smoother. I’m running it in an 06 f250 with a 6.0. Less than 25k miles on new injectors and turbo. No doubt it would be beneficial and very noticeable to a 6.0 with more miles and build up in those components

Small engine

Put some in fuel of weed eater that was running rough and now it runs like new