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Based on 524 reviews

This seller mailed me this very prompt, and it works better then the story's, I just had to try it myself. Will continue to use arch oil

Greatbfor my 6.0 POWERSTROKE

Great product. Use it in every oil change in my 2006 f250 king ranch powerstroke. Highly recommend this product


My warm up time is a little better not as sluggish. Fuel mileage is a little better,maybe 1/2 mpg better .proformance wise you can feel a difference. I'll continue to use it .


I hardly ever write reviews. I was sceptical, thought all the hoopla and eye wash was to good to be true. Last week I added the Archoil fuel additive. Definitely noticed a difference when starting my truck and a slight increase in fuel consumption. this morning I used the oil additive. (WOW)... Unbelievable change just leaving the driveway. Horsepower !!! All those little ponies asleep in the motor came to life.... Excellent product Archoil !!! Thank you

Best product ever!

My ‘05 F350 was hard starting & popped a code for #8 injector contribution as well as #4 glow plug issue. I changed all 8 glow plugs ( & both harnesses) but still injector issue. Saw Bill Hewitt’s YouTube video (Powerstrokehelp) about Archoil so I changed the oil & added Archoil’s AR9100 to oil. I also added Archoil’s AR6200 to my fuel. Cleared the code & did a 100 mile trip. Code stayed cleared. My truck ran great, smoother & quieter. I also use the winter additive for the protection & anti gel properties. Going to try the fuel system cleaner & rust remover next and will write a review after. Now a Archoil fan for life!

Great additive!

I never get diesel without putting this in the tank.


Absolutely the best, period. Hey

Ar6400 d

Seems to have worked

Excellent product !!

I use this stuff in all of my motors, works unbelievably well !!! Been using ar6200 and ar9100 for about 4 years now, have recommended it to lots of people also all positive excellent results !!

Great Product for all vehicles

Using AR9100 on all my trucks fleet of three for 5 years less issues with injectors

Always pleased with these two products. A must have for my power stroke. Would love it if archoil could throw in a window sticker with my next order !

From Wyoming

Mow our small lawn about four times a year and have very long winters. As such the ten yr old mower rests all other days each year. Since using Archoil the mower starts every time it is needed. Cars get better mileage too.

I'm trying not to imagine things

I just put this in an '07 6.0 a couple hundred miles ago. I do believe I'm seeing better cold starts (sitting for a week and starting at about 40 degrees; smoother startup, fewer misses). I don't think it's the magic wand I was expecting from all the hype, but I feel like I got my money's worth.

Jeep start up noise

Excellent product used on my 2012 wrangler and it helped with quieting the start up noise that jeeps have very happy

Can Keep My 6.0 Now

I always read and never leave reviews but if you are on the fence about this stuff....
My 05 F250 6.0 with 160K wouldn't start cold, ran poorly, sounded like a wounded school bus and smoked until it warmed up. It had been in the shop for multiple diagnosis that it needed expensive repairs. Looked at new truck to replace it...after I woke up I figured I would try anything before spending my life savings.
Changed to synthetic and archoil, drove it like I stole it, and 100miles later it was like a new truck. Starts quietly and quickly hot or cold, runs perfect right away, runs quieter, and has more power. That was a year and 10K ago and it has not so much as hiccuped since. Cheapest repair ever, ordering another jug right now.

6.0 stiction

Totally removed stiction issue on my 04 f250 6.0

Fuel and oil treatment

I have been using the friction modifier treatment on my 2004 Yukon for the last three years to stop typical piston slap and valve train noise on cold startup and it took about 300 miles on the first application to stop these issues. I have since added about 1.5 ounces of friction modifier per quart of oil at each oil change ever since. At 156,000 miles there are no scary engine noises on cold startups. I figure this product will give me many more miles on a good old truck. I added the fuel treatment after using the oil treatment and am very happy the way this truck runs with it. Much better than regular gas without it.

Great Product

Great product. I have had fewer regens!

Just started using the friction modifier and fuel treatment. I notice my truck running better the first 100 miles.

Good Stuff!

Order was delivered very timely. I added the friction modifier to the oil in my 7.3 as well as fuel cleaner and fuel treatment. After two miles there was a considerable decrease of engine noise and the truck has ran smoother ever since.

New customer

Will need a longer trip to determine effect of the product.


I have been using archoil since day 1 in both all oil changes and every fill up in both my diesel and gassers. This product is awesome pure and simple.
Thank you archoil
Master Carpenter/Builder


I have a Honda Civic 2000 that I've driven for 10 years. I want to see if I can make it to 300,000 miles (halfway there). I've used several different fuel cleaners, changed fuel filters on time, spark plugs, switched to synthetic oil a year ago and this and that. So several things to keep it going and whatnot. First time applying this to an oil change last month. It runs smoother and quieter. I've never had anything make that happen better; apart from a timing belt with an ac belt change. That to me is impressive considering those are mandatory maintained things to keep a car going, while this product is not. I have heard and used factory based coolant at work where we manufacture medical implants. This coolant contains boron to reduce friction and dissipate heat output. Archoil claims to have boron in this product. I can say without a doubt this product is doing the same looking at my Bluetooth OBDII wireless reader at the live temperature readings.

In the photo bellow I'm performing a valve adjustment. As you can see the engine top cover is full of gunk. That is how engines are designed to rid themselves of debris apart from the regular oil and oil filter change so it doesn't get on the sensitive internals. The engine itself is darn clean. I cleaned the cover and the next time I do a valve adjustment I can compare the amount of build up. I would not be surprised if it's far less with this product.

Noticeable difference

I used this in conjunction with the fuel additives and noticed a slight increase in mpg. I also noticed that the engine ran a little quieter.

Noticeable difference

I'm on 2nd bottle. In combination with the fuel treatment and oil additive. I've managed to get 40 miles more out of a tank of fuel.