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Always great to buy from. Quick to ship

Rcvd, placed in vehicle waiting to see results

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Jim T. (Clintonville, WI, US)
Like most- I was skeptical

Ok, nearly all ads claim to boost performance like 500%, “or more!”, and other crazy crap. I will give credit here from a single application. My fuel mileage (diesel) increased by about 10% to 25.7 mpg on my 2022 GMC 2500 HD. So, I am impressed. I am looking forward to see if I get similar improvements in my regen cycle in the next several fuel fill-ups.

Diesel Performance Kits
Heath S. (Homosassa, FL, US)
Incredible results

The friction modifier fixed the hard start problem in the first 100 miles. The fuel system cleaner made a noticeable difference in in performance and fuel mileage. With 520,000 miles my truck runs as good as it did when it was new. I highly recommend using the ultimate diesel kit. You will not be disappointed.

Diesel Performance Kits
Marion B. (Fayetteville, GA, US)
The Best

The diesel cleaner and treatment are both awesome. My mileage in my 2018 Ford F250 improved from 15.4 mpg to 18.8 mpg. That is unprecedented.
Now I plan to try your products made for gasoline engines. Thank you!

I noticed more power and better fuel consumption in a week after using product

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Richard W. (Albert Lea, MN, US)
Good stuff!

Dura Max 3.0 Silverado 1500 seems to love this stuff! Best mileage so far is 37.3 on a 75 mile trip. Worth it

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Gary C. (Lodi, CA, US)

Went from 250 miles regen to 390miles on second fill up runs a lot smoother and quieter great product.

Diesel Performance Kits
Anonymous (Fort Collins, CO, US)
Excellent Product Design

Archoil delivered renewed performance and economy.

AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke
Collin D. (Seattle, WA, US)
Miracle Sauce

As most additives you throw in you do it with a prayer and hopes of a miracle! I threw it into my 6.0 and after the first miracle of my truck firing right up I proceeded to take more of a risk and run her for over 2 hours on the highway. Now I’d been having slightly rough start ups/idling and a lot of hazing. I kid you not the next morning she fired up idled beautifully and almost no haze. Fast forward a couple weeks no haze on start up or idle. The rough starting/idling is gone and she couldn’t be running any better. 100% using again!

Diesel Performance Kits
Robert R. (Detroit, MI, US)
Noticeable difference

So the fuel system cleaner, Ford 7.3 has 446k. Added this and after 100 miles I noticed a difference and less engine injector noise. Cannot wait to change my oil with the friction modifier.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
ROBERT K. (Wheaton, IL, US)
6.7l. 6.0L powerstroke

notice improved thottle response and power- improved MPG, plus peace of mind knowing I'm keeping components lubricated and clean, extending life of engine. I've been using this since Bill hewitt (RIP) reccommended this several years ago in both my 6.0l and 6.7L powerstrokes. #torque

The oil additive immediately smoothed out the truck and the fuel system cleaner helped improve acceleration in a matter of hours. Very impressed!

AR6200 Fuel Treatment
Donald L. (Robertsdale, AL, US)
The perfect fuel additive

2022 Ram 2500, 6.4L Hemi. Started using AR6200 and within 2 fill-ups am seeing a solid 2.5 mpg difference. Very satisfied.

AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner
BRUCE S. (Syracuse, NY, US)
Thank you


AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Anonymous (Atlanta, GA, US)
ArchOil Diesel Treatment

A couple of months ago, my 2003 6.0 engine through an engine code. Didn’t really concern me a lot, but it related to fuel rails, etc. I decided since I was already using the engine treatment in every oil change, that I would see if the diesel treatment would help. Lo and behold, half way though a single tank, code clears and light goes off and stays off! Since this is my first diesel engine, and the previous owner told me about ArchOil products, I’ve been a soul believer that’s it’s worth every penny!

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Michael a.S.M. (Kansas City, MO, US)
2022 Freightliner Cascadia

Over the last two and one half years my wife and I have put 600,000 miles on our truck. It was getting an average of 7.0 mpg when new but had gotten down to an average 5.9 mpg.
A month ago I tried Arcoil for the first time, given it a double shot to start with. I saw results after one fill-up. Now we're getting an average 6.8 mpg.
I'm impressed.

Fuel Consumption

Use to take a 1/4 tank to travel 235 miles for work. Now with this additive takes me. 1/8 tank. 1/2 the gallons. I do recommend this product!!!

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
James A. (Dallas, TX, US)

I have a new Dodge Ram 350 only 4500 miles just run the archoil first tank . I can let you know more in a few months

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Butch T. (Henagar, AL, US)
3.0 Denali

Great produce, improved fuel milage by almost 2 miles per gal.

I was able to get 2 mpg after I added this product. I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good product to use in their diesel engine.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Warren M. (Harlingen, TX, US)
great product

have seen a additional 2 mpg and less regeneration after using this product

Diesel Performance Kits
Steve H. (Lebanon, IN, US)
Disappointed in your product

Prior to using your product, I was getting 17 miles in the city and 20 on the highway
After using your product, I’ve actually decreased by mileage. I’m now getting 14 to 16 miles to the gallon. I’m extremely disappointed in your product. In fact I’ve stopped using it.
And please do not try to tell me it’s something to do with my Duramax. Nothing is changed except your additive at this time. I’m no longer using your product. In fact I was going to reach out and see if I can return the unused product for a reimbursement let me know. Thank you very much. My phone number is [****].

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Michael S. (Palmdale, CA, US)
Great product

2016 Ram running smooth as silk. Milage up 3 mpg around town. Two friends are happy too.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
Big J. (Hereford, AZ, US)
Keep on rolling.

I have a 2005 F-250 super duty with a 6.0. Bought it with about 125,000 miles and in really great shape. First diesel I have owned so I didn’t know much about diesel’s. When I first bought it I was getting 12.7 miles to the gallon and it was a little more noisy than I thought it should be. I bought it planning on pulling a 30 foot travel trailer around when my wife retires in a few months. I bought some arch oil 6500 and by the end of the first tank of fuel I noticed it started easier and had quite down. My throttle response is better and after three tanks it fuel my mileage has increased to 15.8 on my last fill up. AR-6500 is great and I plan on using as long as I can.