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Based on 570 reviews
Slippery Silence

Used this on my Mustang performance suspension bushings and never ever so smooth and quite!

Works great

Truck seems to be running better already.

It just works!!!!

I been running this stuff for 3 years and my fuel mileage pays for it many times over .

Fast service

It did not do what I had hoped it would do. I can't blame that on Archoil though. I think my engine is damaged.

Great improvement!

Was very skeptical about additives until the ol girl started running a little rough. 3rd owner and she has been pampered her whole life. Now she is running like a new Centurion with no smoke and smooth as silk. Best running 7.3 I ever had.

A years worth

I purchased the P3-kit so that I would not have to worry about ordering @ the last minute. I only put about 10-15k mile on my truck yr but those miles include pulling a 33ft camper. I love the way this product allows my truck to perform and I feel confident that I am protecting my vehicle from premature failure. I get better fuel economy on top of all of this that.

2006 Ford 6.0

Tried out Archoil friction modifier during my last oil change hoping to help out with some injector stiction. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to help out in my case, so new injectors will be be happening soon.

Great stuff

I always use this in my fuel each fill up. Works well

Love this stuff

Seemed to have worked great! I have been using archoil products for the last year and am very happy!

Great oli for longboard bearings

The oil is great at getting rid of light surface corrosion. It make my longboard bearings spin smoothly and quietly. I inspected them after the first long ride and the oil is still present and has formed a dark grey film over each ball. The light rust that was there has been polished away. My only two complaints are: 1. the precision dropper whole in the top of the bottle was too large for my application. 2. The ammount you get for what you pay seems a bit steep. If I ever run out I will be buying more.

Super stuff !

Very pleased , good stuff . My 1996 Silverado runs smoother .

You owe it to yourself to protect your car

I have and am using Archoil gasoline and oil products. After I first used Archoil and monitored my car performance for over six months, I bought two other kits for my son and son-in-law. They have cars and motorcycles and boats, so they really could use the benefits and protection that Archoil provides. I use it on my four cars and find other ways to use it around the house. Try it and use it with confidence. It is not magic, but it is nanotechnology.

I have used this product on a BUELL 500 single , bought used due to carbon build up in the combustion chamber
The spark was moved back 5 degrees for a few thousand miles then after the carbon burned off it was
Returned to normal advance setting. In years past all that was needed was to do 100 mile cannonball run
This doesn't work today because of the poor gas with the heavy aromatic compounds added.
Bill w


I really like the AR4400 because it’s almost like a gel. It stays where you put it and doesn’t run out before you have the chance to reassemble the firearm.

My experience

I always heard the good things of AR9100 in 7.3 power strokes but I never seemed to believe it. So I got some for my 2002 f350 dually 7.3 powerstroke with 305,364 miles on it to try it out since the truck, right after starting it, was a dog and didn't want to go anywhere. Even when I was in neutral and floored it, it still took a while to rev up. I put AR9100 in the high pressure oil pump and that woke it up a good bit, and my truck starts faster.

Every oil change

I bought my first personal truck with a new diesel motor with all the EGR/SCR emissions systems on it about 3 years ago. It's not my daily driver because I have a company provides truck. I use this everytime I change the oil and I have had no emissions related issues.

Every oil change

I bought my first personal truck with a new diesel motor with all the EGR/SCR emissions systems on it about 3 years ago. It's not my daily driver because I have a company provides truck. I use this everytime I change the oil and I have had emissions related issues.

Great winter results

The 9100 made all the difference in the world in cold starts. This is my second treatment with T6 Rotella, and I foresee many more.

The 6200 brought my mileage from 14 to 26 mpg! Then I realized I forgot to reset the trip odometer. It’s still 14 mpg. We’ll see what future fill ups show.

Great product

Always used Lucas oil products recently sold my Cummins and got a 6.0 powerstroke I was looking for an oil additive to add some protection and from time to time I had a part throttle problem so did some research and found archoil I gave it a shot and could tell a difference within a few miles of it being In the engine. Injectors were quieter and less vibration at idle and fast idle after the second oil change with archoil I also started to getting lower EOT readings and much more stable temps in general my temps do not fluctuate as much and are lower especially on the highway

Documented Increased Fuel Economy

I added Archoil to my 2004 f150 and obtained a documented increase in fuel economy on a 1700 mile round trip from 15.0 MPG to 15.9 MPG. Anecdotally the trucked seemed to have more power while passing especially on steep grades.

I also added Archoil friction modifier to my 2006 F250 6 liter and it completely eliminated the horrible stiction that this diesel commonly has from a cold start. The noise reduction is amazing. Truck went from almost bouncing off the ground to very smooth on cold start.

Thank you Archoil.


Excellent product. Works as described. I plan to purchase the big bottle for the future.

Awesome product

Bought this for my dad's 6.0 yep in and out of the shop always. He said his fuel is better and starts up easier. He must like it since he asked me where I got it and how much.
I use it in my 7.3 runs much better for 20 yr old truck.

a good product so far

Jay Said It's Good!

I learned about AR6200 from a youtube video by Jay Leno, he uses it in all his cars to counter act the ethanol. Never had anything go south so I'm a believer.