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Based on 460 reviews

I have not been using long enough to be able to determine how useful it will be. I plan to use for a longer period of time and then determine the usefulness.

Archoil has additive

Used additive in my Porsche, BMW and my wives Lexus, didn't notice any real difference, continue to use to see if there is any difference

Work Great!

Works great in gasoline engines! Improved the fuel economy on a 2004 4Runner by 12%

AR6200 Fuel Additive

This stuff is BY FAR THE BEST thing you could ever use in ANY engine...phenomenal results in my Powerstroke 7.3, mind-boggling mileage (300K+) on my '04 Saturn VUE (3.5L Honda engine), even run it in my lawnmower, weed whacker, & snowthrower!
ANY engine will run smoother & more efficient with this additive...try it, you'll see

treats fuel side of 7.3 injectors

Good product, annual treatment, I add the bottle @ empty and then fill the tank halfway. Try to drive as low as possible before refueling.


Thumbs up to both products, I feel they make my 6.0 preform better.

Very pleased, and will continue to use

I used it on wheel bearings very satisfied. Will use again

It he good grease.

I used this grease on my idle pulleys and my engine is so quiet for over 204k miles that is just simply unbelievable. Will try it on my wrenches.

Powerstroke, VW Beetle, Harley Davidson

I use both products in all my motors. The run great! Better performance and miles per gallon! I’ll be a loyal customer forever!

A Powerstrokes best friend!

My trucks start and run so much better using Archoil, whatever it is it likes it! It is truly amazing the difference it makes.

Great product

Been using Archoil since I've owned my 05 F-350 Dually I bought in 2012 . Had issues like most with stiction. Repair shops wanted me to throw money at it with various repairs. Long story short thought a additive might prolong the suggested repairs until I had the funds together to have it bullet proofed. Well using the Archoil on a regular basis and T-6 Rotella oil solved those issues. Plan on having the bullet proof work done IF needed but I don't beat the truck up drive it regularly and maintain it with FORD filters as ALL decent repair shops recommend and ( FORD) it does matter by the way. Love the truck 87500 k on the truck Replaced the EGR cooler with the updated Ford part and the oil Cooler updated Ford Part also. That was before I started using Archoil. The stiction started about 5k after those repairs and before I educated my self on Ford 6.0 and their issues which are solveable, Thanks to information by Bill Hewitt of Georgia and the great work he and his crew does for trucks and OUR GREAT VETS. Really take care of your truck and it will take care of you. I tow a mid size travel trailer and always feel safe and IF I need the power its there no hesitation no glitches Nothing but reliability. Mileage is Las Vegas city traffic 14.5 solo 16 to 17 Solo highway . Towing 7800 lbs highway 11 to 13.5 at speeds under 70 . Its a truck I didn't buy or use it for the mileage . At this point and time and for my needs I'm waiting on the Bullitproofing I'm satisfied with the results from Archoil and I consider that a well advised investment on a regular basis . Hope this helps someone. Remember be AMERICAN BUY AMERICAN as often as possible.

Still Running Strong

I ain't had a problem yet, add it every fuel stop

Archoil AR9100 and AR6200

Archoil AR9100 and AR6200 makes my 6.0 diesel run as good in sub-zero temps as it does in 60+ degree weather.


Top MPG in diesel and gasoline.

Archoil AR9100 and AR6200 is a must for my 2006 6.0 ,great product !

great product

I use this product at every oil change on my 6.0 diesel and I highly recommend it. Great results!

2002 F250

100000 runs like a charm 7.3

Great Products

Use my 2012 Tundra (181k on the odo) for hauling a heavily loaded trailer to Vegas 4 or 5 times a year. 2600 miles round-trip, either over the Rockies or through the desert. Recently had my oil and tranny fluid analyzed for wear by a lab. No indications of any undue wear were found, engine oil analysis was similar to a vehicle with 25k miles of normal usage. Use Archoil in all our vehicles now, and always will.

Have been using for a couple of years

This is replacement for my last bottle which is running low. I don't want to be without this stuff. I bought my Ford 6.0L truck used with 164000 miles. Had to replace the EGR valve soon after. Now it has over 184000. Once I found this and started using it, the truck starts easier and runs smoother and no EGR issues so far... I also use the oil additive. I am a little confused about the new packaging and dosing levels. It feels like it has gotten more expensive. Still, it is worth it.

The best!

Much more power...looking forward to the next milage comparison . Next oil change gets the oil treatment.

Works Great!

After using another product for my stiction issues I came across AR9100. The other product was more expensive but worked well. After trying AR9100 for the first time, I noticed that my stiction issue was resolved with the same results as the more expensive product. With the other stuff, my stiction issue would start to slowly return as my time to change oil aprroached. This has not happened with AR9100. My engine runs just as good at the end of the cycle as it does at the beginning. The AR6200 fuel treatment seems to work also, as I've noticed a slight increase in miles per tank that I can get now. I will continue my use of both products, as I'm very pleased and would recommend them to anyone.

Great kit

Perfect tuning kit. Both together are a good combo. I've tried them before and good performing results.

every other oil change for all powerstrokes

added to every other oil change (rotella 5w-40 oil every 5k) on both my 7.3 powerstrokes, first time using expect the oil to be a bit darker from the archoil cleaning out all the crap deposited in the HPO system.

Great stuff

Stopped all my Injector problems