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Based on 1112 reviews

This made a noticeable improvement in my 7.3 super duty !


I can tell a big difference at startup and idle.

Great products

Fuel additive seems to be working. Seems to be holding good mpg ranges and start ups are smoother in morning with temps getting down near 0. Will buy more again soon !!!

I think it saved my 2015 Superduty!!!

My 2015 F350 Superduty was chronically in regen. It never could clean itself out, despite hundreds of highway miles, driving in tow/haul, and manually driving it in lower gears.
It was getting so bad, losing power when towing, that I installed an SnB cold air intake. Didn’t help the regen issues. However, my dealer insisted I reinstall the stock air box for them to do a manual regen and reflash the ECU!
2015 is out of warranty now. A month ago I was considering taking the financial gut punch and trading it in on a new truck.
I then found Archoil!!!
I bought the 3 part system of Archoil.
Within half a tank of the diesel injector cleaner, the truck began to wake up and run stronger.
Now I’m on my second tank of AR6500 fuel treatment. The truck is like new! Running stronger, smoother, and quieter than it has in over a year.
Can’t wait to add the oil additive at my next oil change.
Couldn’t be happier and thankful to have found this product.
To keep my 2015, the cost of Archoil is a fraction of a new diesel truck.
I gained just over a mile per gallon as well!
Thank you Archoil!
Customer for life here.

Never got it

I’m sure it’s great but I never received it. Probably a problem with the post office. Had to resort to the competition for the time being. First thoughts with order was the shipping seemed a tad long considering the average time is 8 days on most orders. I’m glad I got the review email though, it reminded me I need to call for a refund or new ship.

Archoil is the BEST

I have multiple 7.3 powerstroke Fords and I love your products. The diesel additive and winter diesel additive add fuel mileage and help eliminate problematic starts. The friction modifier has done wonders for me too, quieting idling and making for smooth cold starts. A+



Took for ever to arrive.

Took for ever to arrive. That is really the only thing I really didn’t like about the product.



7.3 diesel

It start easier not as rough on cold starts.

ArchOil Products are Quality

I have been using ArchOil grease, fuel treatment, and oil friction modifiers for about 7-years now. Their products are quality and do what they say. I run all these products in my Ford diesel trucks and John Deere equipment.

Love it!

I drive a 07 6.0l, I use Archoil and Rotella t6 every oil change and couldn’t be happier.I have no staring issues in the cold. Also use Archoil in my other vehicles.

The product works great, the USPS not so much.

I bought a 04 6.0 about 8 years ago. Not long after during the first cold snap I noticed it ran kinda rough and loud until it warmed up. Not knowing anything about the 6.0 or "stiction" I did a little online research. I watched a YouTube before and after video that showed a cold start with very similar symptoms and then after using Archoil. I checked out Archoil's website, they seemed to present knowledgeable and accurate info about AR9100 so I gave it a try. Stiction was gone within 50 miles and has never returned. I use AR9100 once or twice a year just for maintenance. Great product. Seems like it took USPS forever to deliver it though.


Was happy with the kit I purchased consisting of the oil additive and the 2 fuel additives. We restarted an 01 f250 w a 7.3. Been sitting a year. Very satisfied. Runs perfect.

I never received my free sample

Great product

Great product

Makes a difference

Runs way smoother on cold start ups I will be buying this product for a long time to come

Excellent products

Can’t wait to buy more

Can’t wait to buy more, we love all your products I’m so glad you’re there for us I can’t say a bad thing about any of your products keep up the good work Mr. Brown proud owner of an 03,60

Love this product.

Used it twice so far and have experienced great results.

Amazing Products!

I use Archoil friction modifier and fuel additive quite regularly and I am very impressed with their performance. Their customer service is also second to none!

Good goopity goo

I have a 6.0 Powerstroke which are known for issues with injectors. I used to run both the AR6200 and AR9100 all the time (to prevent future problems) and never noticed a difference in performance. I’m certain the AR6200 was a huge benefit still for the life of my injectors and it did seem to run a little smoother. Decided to try this out since it’s geared more towards diesel. For my 20 gal tank, I used the maximum amount recommended. After a couple fill-ups, I do notice a difference. It actually seems equally smooth as when running thr AR6200 but now it seems to have more pep. I’m not saying it’s a huge difference, but just enough to be noticeable. I’m also not sure how this affects my MPG since I do a lot of mixed driving and towing. My only negative thing was the bottle design, it’s bigger and bulkier and the bottle neck doesn’t have the flexible hose like the AR6200. I had to be more cautious not to spill it or put too much by mistake when pouring it in. My second fill-up I did exactly that and the bottle slipped out of tank fill hole for a second since it barely reached. For this I deducted 1 star. Very pleased otherwise.

I have a 6.0 powerstroke.

I have used this archoil for years now for stiction and I LOVE IT. Best stuff ever for the 6.0 or 7.3 powerstroke engines. Great Stuff.

Works fast!

I changed the oil a few times on a 2005 I had just purchased. Has 150k on her and had a mild rough idle, especially cold. Changed the oil, drove it for the day. Next morning, no rough idle! Has been smoother and quieter ever since. I will be a forever user!

works great in my 7.3 or my 6.0