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Based on 35 reviews
7.3 hard start rough idle fix

Made an instant difference in the starting of my 02 7.3 ! Runs quieter ( less upper engine noise ) and starts faster . It even improved the idle . Over all definitely recommend this product . If you have a 6.0 or 7.3 , and you arent running archoil, youre not getting all you can out of your truck !

This stuff works!

I use it on four vehicles, all have at least 20,000 miles on them. The engine responds to acceleration better. When you buy a used vehicle, you never really know what the previous owner put in your tank. This product insures good performance. I use the friction modifier in two of these four cars...

Truck still running good. Over 200,000 miles.

Archoil products keep my truck running smooth even after 200,00 miles. Will keep on using.


I've been using the AR9100 additive in my 6.0 Powerstroke for the last 100k miles at every 5000 mile oil change with T6 Rotella. It has drastically cut down on warm up times before driving and I have zero hard start/below running temp engine injector issues. It has eliminated having to let the truck idle 10-15 mins before driving after the first start of the day, regardless of the temp.

Works as advertised

My 2005 F-350 had a serious vibration when the engine was under a load on acceleration. Within 100 miles of using Archoil, the vibration was gone. Shipped fast and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend to any Powerstroke owner and I will be adding Archoil at every oil change.

Small engine life blood

Been using this for several years in all my small engines, never had an issue since using this product, always easy starts after storing from season to season.


I had a stuck turbo on my 6.0.
Thought I was going to have to pull it.
Use this product for 2 tanks.
Turbo ran great, full boost...
Great strff....


Great products will be buying again

5 star

Cleaned up dirty fuel system problem on my 2010 Durastar. Made me a believer

Great stuff

I am so happy to have my new shipment of Archoil my mileage has already raised 2 miles to the gallon.


It's been 10,000 miles from oil chg. gear box and drivetrain service. My 93 Dodge w250 runs notices ably quieter, and smoother. I'm very satisfied with the results. Thx


I was having horrible stiction problems with my 7.3 started hard had horrible injector clatter and truck shook really bad when cold I added archoil when I changed the oil started it up drove it around the block let it sit till the next morning and has fired right up and ran smoothly ever since with no injector noise

Archoil order

No problems great product!


This works!!! I use it as directed in all engines and I can hear a difference and see a difference on the gauges as soon as pouring it in. My new VW TDI runs cooler on the highway! My Foxbody is running smoothly!

Ford 6.0 medicine.

Really helps overcoming the Ford 6.0 design problems. Good insurance against engine failure.

AR9100 is the cats meow

Was running Liquimoly Ceratec before but found this to be a comparable products that treated more and costs less. Its also in a synthetic form where the Liquimoly was in a mineral based carrier. Its made in USA and some people have noted seeing this stuff at NHRA garages. The Diesel guys like it and my Honda runs well on it with a Ester based engine oil.Happy Happy with the products.

AR4400 is a must!

I use this on my Heckler & Kochs. Doesnt take much. Alex recommended this to me and it works.

Invest in your injectors

The last set of injectors I had started fouling around 176 k. Granted, not bad but could be a lot better lifespan. Powerstroke Specialties in GA turned me on to this product and after researching how dry and damaging modern diesel fuel can be to the lubricity of your fuel system, I was on bored. I look forward to seeing how many miles Archoil can help me squeeze out of these injectors! I'd give Archoil a five but it's just too early to tell. So far so good. Crisp start ups and good smooth power.

Rust Never Sleeps

Verified review from Just used this product to de-rust a Yamaha XV750 gas tank. In the past I have used acids, including muriatic to dissolve rust & have also used POR15's products. But this is my new favorite. Being water-based makes it much less hazardous to use & it was very effective on the tight, widespread rust that had taken over the inside of this particular tank. The tank had been closed & stored indoors for several years, so the rust was mostly the result of condensation, not exposure to the elements. The Archoil product works slowly; I moved the tank into different positions @ periods of 4-8 hours to try to soak as many nooks & crannies as possible. This was also necessary because the concentrate makes 2 gallons of treatment solution & the tank holds about 4-4.5 gallons. I left the cap, petcock & low-fuel level hardware in place during the treatment &, when the tank was drained, they were removed & were as good as new. Had to dump most of the solution out the neck of the tank, then dribble the rest out through the petcock & warning light openings. Hung the tank on the wall & used the output of a small vacuum cleaner to force air through the tank to dry it out. Amazing how dark & disgusting the solution had become. The maker says you can use it multiple times, but I think this batch is done. SO, I'm ordering some more to treat a 40-year old Yamaha tank!
PS: I did not apply any liner resins to the inside of this tank after treatment. The inside surface looks that clean. I will, however, use a fuel filter in-line to my newly-cleaned carbs.

Superior wear protection

Verified review from ARCHOIL is featured on Jay Lenos auto programs. Its nano technology and uses this technology to reduce friction and promote extended parts longevity. The stuff is great. I use it in my rollback wrecker on the slide rails and really takes the strain away from the system. Excellent for the winch too.
I build hot rods and the layer of protection affords me peace of mind. Too, expensive to muck around with "just good enough" materials.

Oil and Fuel Additives for New Truck

Purchased this performance kit to use on my new Duramax Diesel. Truck gets so many miles per tank that I’ve only had the chance to dose my fuel tank once! Looking forward to seeing improvements in the engine performance as it continues to break in.

Archoil fuel treatment

Product works well, delivery was prompt

Miracle in a bottle!!

Got the dreaded stiction codes on #8 and #2 injectors. Thought I would give this a shot based on many other peoples experiences. Withing 200 miles, codes were gone! Since it produced these phenomenal results, every oil change has had Archoil 9100. So injector issues anymore and my 6.0 purrs like a kitten.

Awesome Archoil!

Great products! They have brought life back to my 6.0. I don’t hesitate to drive across the country. They are always on time with any products I’ve ordered!

As advertised

It did all the things as advertised. Smoother starts, quiter injectors, better mpgs..
It will go in my 6 liter every service.