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The Archoil Power Stroke Fix

Eliminate Ford Power Stroke 6.0L & 7.3L Injector Problems

The Archoil Power Stroke Fix
The Archoil Power Stroke Fix
The Archoil Power Stroke Fix
The Archoil Power Stroke Fix

AR9100 Friction Modifier is proven to solve misfire and cold start issues in 6.0 & 7.3L Ford Power Stroke vehicles.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If AR9100 does not resolve stiction issues after 100 miles

The Problem

Deposits and wear in the HEUI injector causes the injector to become stuck due to static friction, or 'stiction', and can prevent the injector from firing. This causes 6.0 & 7.3L Power Strokes to suffer from hard starting, rough idling, reduced power and response, bucking and smoking until the engine is warmed up.

The Solution

Add a 16oz bottle of AR9100 to every oil change to eliminate hard start and drivability issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0l & 7.3l PowerStrokes. AR9100 will clean out HEUI injector deposits and creates a friction reducing film inside the injectors to ensure all eight injectors fire every time.

How it Works

HEUI injectors use oil pressure to raise fuel pressure inside the injector. A High Pressure Oil Pump (HPOP) feeds oil from the crankcase to the injector where a 'Spool valve' ('poppet valve' for 7.3l) opens allowing hydraulic pressure to raise fuel pressure and fire the injector. Engine oil is exposed to very high temperatures and pressures in the Spool valve and degrades, forming deposits. These deposits cause excessive wear. Deposits and wear create static friction inside the injector, or 'Stiction', which can prevent the injector from firing.

A blend of esters combined with our additive package remove and disperse deposits while AR9100 forms a friction reducing solid boundary lubricating film on the bore of the 'spool valve'. By removing deposits and reducing friction, AR9100 eliminates stiction issues and ensures they do not return.

Diesel Power Archoil Article

"The next morning, following a 15-degree night during which the truck once again sat outside, it fired right off and idled smoothly. Seeing this F-350 go from a cold-blooded, rough-running basket case to a truck that ran as smooth as it did the day it left the dealership definitely made believers out of us.

"Archoil is the Real Deal"

Diesel Power Magazine

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Power Stroke Application

Watch the video below for directions on using AR9100 Friction Modifier in your Power Stroke.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Works as advertised

My 2005 F-350 had a serious vibration when the engine was under a load on acceleration. Within 100 miles of using Archoil, the vibration was gone. Shipped fast and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend to any Powerstroke owner and I will be adding Archoil at every oil change.


This works!!! I use it as directed in all engines and I can hear a difference and see a difference on the gauges as soon as pouring it in. My new VW TDI runs cooler on the highway! My Foxbody is running smoothly!

As advertised

It did all the things as advertised. Smoother starts, quiter injectors, better mpgs..
It will go in my 6 liter every service.

Running hard

I’m very pleased with your product. It gives me a sense of security knowing that my engine is working hard and can take the beating.

Archoil is amazing

Let me start out by saying that I've been using the oil additive and fuel additive for a while now. My 1997 F350 7.3 was exhibiting some injection issues when cold started up here in Michigan so, I started using the Archoil additives about 2 years ago. Any issue I had vanished. I did switch from 15-40 Rotella to 5-40 Rotella synthetic when I started using Archoil products and all is well.

Fast forward to now. The passengers side injection harness melted so replacement was necessary (not an easy job, but doable). What truly amazed me was when I pulled the valve cover (to replace the valve cover gasket and harness lead in) was how clean the overhead is and how clean the inside of the valve cover is. There was absolutely nothing in the way of blow by or sludge in the valve cover and the interior of the head as well as the injectors and all the mechanical parts look as if the engine has no miles on it when, in fact, it has 110,000 miles, mostly pulling a farm trailer with round bales on it.

I'm sold on Archoil and 5-40 Rotella, for me, an unbeatable combination. In my opinion, Archoil AR9100 and Archoil Fuel additive is the best.