6.0L and 7.3L Power Strokes use an HEUI injection system. Deposits and wear in HEUI injectors lead to misfires, with symptoms including:

Hard starting | Rough idling | Reduced power and response | Bucking and smoking

Engine oil is exposed to very high temperatures and pressures within the spool valve (or poppet valve in 7.3L). The oil degrades and forms deposits in HEUI injectors, causing static friction, also known as 'stiction' and excessive wear.


Unlike most engines, HEUI injection systems use oil pressure to raise fuel pressure inside injectors.

AR9100 Friction Modifier utilizes nanoborate technology to clean out HEUI injectors and creates a friction-reducing film which eliminates hard start and drivability issues caused by deposits and wear.

Use one 16 oz bottle of AR9100 at every oil change to eliminate and prevent stiction.


In addition to eliminating HEUI injector issues, AR9100 gently removes any sludge and varnish deposits and protects the engine against extreme pressure, wear and corrosion, resulting in:

Improved power | Smoother idling | Quieter vehicle operation | Extended component life

AR9100 extends oil drain intervals by raising the Total Base Number (TBN) and improving the overall stability of engine oil.


We are so confident that AR9100 will resolve stiction issues in your 6.0L or 7.3L Power Stroke within 100 miles that you can get your money back if it doesn't. Simply call or email us for a no-hassle refund.

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"Archoil is the real deal"

Seeing this F-350 go from a cold-blooded, rough-running basket case to a truck that ran as smooth as it did the day it left the dealership definitely made believers out of us.
AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke
AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke
AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke
AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke

AR9100 For Ford Power Stroke

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AR9100 Benefits:
  • Eliminate 6.0L & 7.3L injector problems
  • Increase power and response
  • Anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Protect engine during cold starts
  • Clean and prevent sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extend oil drain intervals

✅ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are so confident that AR9100 will resolve stiction issues in your 6.0L or 7.3L Power Stroke within 100 miles that you can get your money back if it doesn't. Simply call or email us for a no-hassle refund.

For all Power Strokes, use 16 oz of AR9100 every oil change.

For engines, limited slip differentials and motorcycles, use 1.2 oz of AR9100 per quart of conventional or synthetic oil.

For gear oil, hydraulic oil and power steering fluid, use 3.2 oz of AR9100 per quart.

We recommend adding AR9100 at the time of your oil change.

Methods of adding AR9100 at an oil change include pre-treating your engine or pre-treating your oil. If your oil change is carried out at a shop, bring your bottle of AR9100 and ask the attendant to add the product.

For more detail on methods of adding AR9100, click here.

AR9100 eliminates injector problems in all HEUI injection systems including International (Navistar) and Caterpillar engines.

If you have questions about your engine, please email

AR9100 Customer Videos

We don't just expect you to take our word for it. Watch the video to see a collection of experiences we have been sent by customers who used AR9100 to fix their HEUI injector problems.

Customer Reviews

Based on 591 reviews
lonnie l. (Seattle, WA, US)
07 6.0 Power stroke

It's funny that you ask for a review now, a week after I added this to my 6.0 I sold this cold-blooded Ford and bought a Dodge however I feel that it did make a little bit of difference in a short time I used it.

Hank (Charlotte, NC, US)
THIS **** WORKS....

My 08 RAM 5.7 HEMI with 158000 miles has always run perfectly with the engine sounding like a BIG A$$ watch, quiet, smooth, and if it was not for the radiator fan, nearly silent-almost. With the cost of ANY replacement vehicle being ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH, this bad boy needs to keep running until the cows come home. Since adding 8 ounces of the AR9100 at my last 7 quart oil change, the engine is definitely more responsive to the pedal and the overall performance is not just the "normal" - driving better feeling that everyone experiences just after a fresh oil change. The quietness and power that is evident by using this product is NOT imagined, but, REAL. I did not have any "HEMI tick" sounds before using this product and with the protection afforded with the AR9100, I do not expect to have any engine problems in the future. P.S. My lawn tractor and inverter generator are both also benefiting from the exceptional "anti-friction" properties of the Archoil AR9100....

duran m. (Atlanta, GA, US)
Very good product

I really appreciate the product very good

Daniel H. (Lakeland, FL, US)
Just get it!

Add this to my 6.0 powerstroke every oil change. Very simple and effective way to keep you 6.0 injectors clean.

AR9100 FAQs

To maintain the products benefits we recommend adding AR9100 to every oil change.

Yes, but if AR9100 is added to used oil which will be drained soon it would need to be replaced at the next oil change. If an oil change is coming up consider waiting until then to add AR9100 so it can be used for a full oil drain, or consider changing your oil when you add AR9100 so it goes in with fresh oil.

When adding AR9100 to used oil, make sure there is room by draining some oil out beforehand. Make sure not to add AR9100 to an already full crankcase, doing so will exceed your engines maximum oil capacity and can cause engine damage. If your dipstick shows that the oil is below the maximum mark, you can usually add AR9100 without draining oil out.

For all Power Strokes remove ½ a quart (16 oz) of oil from the engine before adding a 16 oz bottle of AR9100. If you are adding AR9100 during an oil change use less oil so there is room.

Yes. AR9100 is suitable for use in both synthetic and conventional engine oil.

No, We don't recommend using AR9100 in automatic transmissions.

AR9100 is suitable for use in all gas and diesel engines including modern vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles, high mileage vehicles and four-stroke outboard motors. If you have questions about your application, please email