Archoil at Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage: Formula Atlantic Race Car

"We used to go through one dog ring a weekend..."

In this video from Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage, General Manager Bernard Juchli talks about how AR9100 helped reduce gearbox failures in their Formula Atlantic race car.

AR9100 provides excellent extreme pressure protection under high loads which can help prevent driveline failures. The extreme pressure additive package in AR9100 is activated by heat and pressure and deposits a low friction solid lubricant film on friction surfaces which is resilient during oil film failure and will help protect against wear, scoring and welding. Extreme pressure protection is pertinent when lubricating oil film fails and metal to metal contact would normally occur.

Below are results from some ASTM style tests which are used to measure the extreme pressure and wear preventative characteristics of lubricating fluids. We used each method to compare the performance of a popular 75w-140 synthetic gear oil before and after treatment with AR9100.


The D4172 test method uses the 4 ball wear test machine to measure a lubricants anti-wear ability. The measured reduction in wear scar width from .780 mm (untreated gear oil) to .443 mm (gear oil treated with AR9100) indicates AR9100 improved the wear preventative characteristics of the gear oil.

D4172 Test Results - Archoil AR9100


The ASTM D3233 test method uses the pin and vee block test machine to measure a lubricants ability to provide extreme pressure protection during oil film failure.The results show an improvement in the treated gear oil’s failure load beyond the range of the testing equipment and are reflective of AR9100’s ability to provide superior extreme pressure protection.

D3233 Test Results - Archoil AR9100


Missed Part 1 of our interview with Bernard? Watch him discussing using Archoil in his 1961 Flxible Starliner here:


AR9100 Oil Additive
AR9100 Oil Additive
AR9100 Oil Additive
AR9100 Oil Additive

AR9100 Oil Additive

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