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Archoil at Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage: 1961 Flxible Starliner

Archoil at Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage: 1961 Flxible Starliner

Alex Ekholm / Technical DirectorAug 03, 2018


"The Detroits are notorious for using oil... but it's not using any oil any more!"

Check out this video from a visit to Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage where General Manager Bernard Juchli discusses his experiences while using AR9100 Friction Modifier with Tim Stegenga (Archoil National Sales Manager). Bernard describes the effects AR9100 had on his 1961 Flxible Starliner and noted both the 552CI Detroit Diesel engine and rear end were operating quieter and smoother after treatment with AR9100.

Most notably, Bernard mentions that the Detroit engine consumed much less oil once treated with AR9100. AR9100 contains a blend of esters which will remove and disperse engine deposits and improve the film-forming properties of the oil it is added to. By ensuring the engine is clean and improving the oil film between the piston rings and the cylinder wall, oil consumption due to oil passing the piston rings can be reduced. 

Watch the video to learn more!

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