AR6500 Diesel Treatment - Maximize Your Diesel's Power & Performance

Is your diesel feeling sluggish or not getting the fuel mileage you would expect?

No matter whether your diesel engine is new or old, poor or incomplete combustion is one of the key factors that will affect your power and performance. There are multiple ways your engine’s combustion can be affected:

  1. Poor fuel quality

Fuel quality at gas stations around the country is a big issue affecting your combustion. When buying diesel from the pump you are likely to be using fuel with a lower cetane number than recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The fuel will also contain few (or no) detergents and lack the lubricity your vehicle requires. This means the diesel fuel you are buying doesn’t promote a complete combustion nor the detergents that are needed to reduce the deposits being caused by the inadequate fuel.

  1. The age of your vehicle

Even with the best fuel, as your vehicle gets older and the miles and hours rise on your engine, deposits gather and build up on key components which all have a negative effect on your engine’s performance.

Dirty clogged diesel injector

There are two types of injector deposits - injector nozzle deposits (injector coking) and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID). The deposits on your injectors affect your spray pattern by reducing the effective flow rate of the nozzles and the atomization of the fuel into the combustion chamber. Atomization of the fuel is very important to combustion because it’s necessary to have the atomized fuel mix with oxygen to achieve the complete and rapid combustion of fuel. Deposits on your injectors will reduce the atomization, creating a smaller or late combustion, thus creating more deposits and unburnt fuel to leave through the exhaust instead of being converted into maximum power and torque.

  1. Oxygen supply

The next issue is the amount of air or oxygen being supplied into the combustion chamber. The turbo uses the exhaust to pressurize outside air into your intake, forcing the oxygen into your combustion chamber. As deposits form on the exhaust side of your turbo it will start to restrict movement of the turbine and on variable-geometry turbos (VGT) it will restrict and eventually seize the movement of the variable vanes. These deposits will completely change how your engine was designed to operate causing your engine to over boost or under boost which could cause lack of power and adds the possibility of overheating and engine damage.

Deposits in the EGR and DPF will also cause your combustion and performance to suffer as excess deposits on the EGR valve can cause it to become stuck open, allowing exhaust to continue to enter the combustion chamber which will reduce the volume of oxygen that can be used in the combustion chamber. The deposits in the DPF will restrict exhaust flow creating excess of backpressure causing your engine to coke on excess exhaust. These deposits will affect getting the correct amount of air in your combustion chamber that is necessary for a complete combustion.

How to Address the Issues and Maximize Power & Performance

The poor quality of fuel at the pump and long term carbon build-up within your engine can be addressed by delivering the detergents, lubricity and cetane boost your vehicle requires to the fuel system. Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment was developed to counteract the daily harm caused to vehicles and provide a boost to performance at every fill-up.

Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment

By using AR6500, you receive the benefits of a cetane boost of up to 8 points, which results in a shorter delay and better ignition quality for a more complete combustion and fewer deposits. AR6500 also includes powerful chemistry in its detergents and lubricity improver to provide you with all the necessary ingredients to improve your fuel and exceed manufacturer recommendations. AR6500’s chemistry survives the combustion chamber and utilizes heat from the exhaust to clean deposits throughout the exhaust system.

Deposits in the fuel system can be safely cleaned and reduced by continued use of AR6500 as it incorporates Archoil's proven combustion modifier technology to reduce soot and carbon build-up in turbos, DPF and EGR components. This will allow these key parts to function more efficiently and extend their component life.

Diesel Injector cleaned by use of Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment

AR6500 users report immediate noticeable benefits to their driving experience with expected MPG gains of 6-10% with many customers experiencing an increase of up to 15% over time. Click here to learn more about AR6500 Diesel Treatment.

AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment
AR6500 Diesel Treatment

AR6500 Diesel Treatment

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